Over the past year, BISim has developed a partnership with simulation innovators CM Labs Simulations to bring a high-physical-fidelity driver and vehicle crew training solution to defense and military customers. This plugin for VBS3 and future VBS versions, Vortex Studio for VBS, a groundbreaking development in military training simulations that offers an enhanced simulated-vehicle training experience. Recently, BISim spoke with CM Labs’ Chief Commercial Officer Arnold Free about this new tool, CM Labs’ simulation technology and how the two software suites enhance each other.
In this Behind the Scenes at BISim blog post, we speak with Product Owner/Team Leader Stuart Young about working at BISim and new technologies coming to VBS3.
BISim offers a comprehensive, cutting-edge technology suite for a broad range of multi-domain training uses. At ITEC 2019, visitors to BISim’s booth will see demonstrations of our technology as the simulation platform for land, sea and air use cases. Visit BISim and partners at Stand ID40. Contact to schedule meetings and product demos.
Chris joined BISim in 2018 and leads BISim’s Orlando development team, managing the engineers, producers and QA analysts who develop BISim products.
VBS3 v18.3 was recently released with a massive update of high-quality 3D content and advanced capabilities. We spoke with BISim’s Director of Art Mark Lacey about the range of new content included in the latest update.