Press Releases

QuantaDyn Corporation announces it will upgrade the UK’s customized version of their QFires Joint Fires Mobile Trainer (JFMT) to VBS Blue IG, by Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim).
BISim, alongside stand partners, will showcase a broad range of training solutions built on the BISim product line for land, sea and air use cases at ITEC 2019 (stand ID40). The International Forum for the Military Simulation, Training and Education Community (ITEC) is being held in Stockholm, Sweden at the Stockholmsmässan from May 14 to 16.
BISim has released a patch to VBS3 v18.3 that includes improvements to VBS Radio along with new high-detailed 3D model content including UK and Russian military vehicles and new terrains. The patch VBS3 v18.3.4 is available for download through the VBS License Manager.
The British Army has awarded a contract to BISim to demonstrate the art of the possible using virtual reality, machine learning and cloud computing for the Army’s Collective Training Transformation Programme (CTTP). The pilot has been made available through the Defence Innovation Fund, MOD investment into innovation.
BISim announced the release of the latest updates to VBS3, VBS Blue IG, VBS Simulation SDK and VBS IG SDK. Customers will need to download VBS License Manager v18.3 to download BISim products.