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The role of the Joint Terminal Attack Controller (JTAC) is one of the most demanding and dynamic of all combat operations. The Close Air Support (CAS) mission requires a complex understanding of the terrain, the environment, the capabilities and limitations of theater assets, the disposition, composition, and strength of enemy forces in the area, and the location of friendly forces and civilians. The proper synchronization of CAS in time, space, and purpose, with supported maneuver forces, can significantly increase the effectiveness of the joint force. Conversely, incorrect application of CAS can result in fratricide or unacceptable levels of collateral damage. The stakes are high and it is imperative to hit the right targets and target areas on the battlefield. This precision work means that JTACs undergo demanding training for Joint Fires proficiency, and have rigorous requirements to maintain their skills for qualification and currency.

VBS Blue IG delivers whole-world terrain with incredible texturing, shading and shadowing, providing a remarkable depth of realism and enabling us to deliver a high-fidelity experience in the QuantaDyn System.
Bill Dunn, President, QuantaDyn Corporation

QuantaDyn Corporation, a Virginia-based engineering firm specializing in training and simulation, has developed the QFires product line that provides high fidelity JTAC and Joint Fires training. The QFires line includes the Joint Terminal Control Training Rehearsal System (JTC TRS), the U.S. Air Force JTAC training program of record, and the Advanced JTAC Training System (AJTS). With over 60 JTC TRS and AJTS systems delivered in 10 countries, QuantaDyn is the global leader in delivering high fidelity, fully accredited, Joint Fires training systems. QuantaDyn is working with BISim to enhance its QFires products with VBS Blue IG to provide trainees with an enriched depth of realism in the synthetic environment.

“QuantaDyn is focused on providing the best possible training for the warfighter. Key partnerships with trusted providers enable our delivery for training excellence,” QuantaDyn President Bill Dunn explained. “The realism of the visual scene and special effects are crucial to the immersive aspect of JTAC training. Adding Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ VBS Blue IG to our system allows us to offer the next step in visual fidelity to our customers. VBS Blue IG delivers whole-world terrain with incredible texturing, shading and shadowing, providing a remarkable depth of realism and enabling us to deliver a high-fidelity experience in the QuantaDyn System.”

VBS Blue IG is a high-performance, standards-based image generator that is cloud-enabled, geo-specific with round-earth procedural rendering and editing. VBS Blue IG is designed for all applicable use cases from land, air and sea, including multichannel IG configurations as well as virtual reality-based training applications.

With VBS Blue IG as part of QuantaDyn’s JTAC Trainer, JTACs are able to target buildings and vehicles in the simulation, call for close air support, and conduct battle damage assessment. Moving ground vehicles, fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft are modeled with detailed physics. VBS Blue IG also provides dynamic atmospheric effects, subcentimeter ground detail, dynamic craters and terrain modifications, and vegetation blowing in the wind. VBS Blue IG provides an out-the-window view for the IOS role player. It is used to generate images in the QuantaDyn emulated military equipment for binoculars, laser range finder, and laser target designator. VBS Blue IG is also used to generate the simulated airborne targeting pod video for the emulated JTAC video downlink receiver. Additional emulated JTAC equipment includes the Defense Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR) and the IZLID IR marker for night target marking.

“BISim and QuantaDyn’s technologies have been seamlessly integrated to create the most realistic and highest fidelity visualization of any JTAC training solution in the industry,” said BISim Senior Vice President of Corporate Development Cory Kumm. “The BISim and QuantaDyn development teams have established an effective technology collaboration for delivering powerful training solutions.”

BISim’s Tech Development and Demo facility in Orlando houses a QuantaDyn QFires JTAC training system. QuantaDyn’s communications middleware, DIScover, acts as the communications interface for the training system components and the system incorporates Battlespace Simulations’ MACE CGF software. The visuals are displayed on a 3-channel, 180-degree H, 45-degree V curve dome provided by Immersaview/Plexsys. The system incorporates powerful high-fidelity F50 projectors and AudioCue directional sound system from Barco. QuantaDyn also maintains a larger version of the system at their headquarters.

To schedule a demonstration of VBS Blue IG together with QuantaDyn system at our Orlando facility, contact [email protected]. To contact QuantaDyn, send a message to [email protected] or call 678-989-8116.


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QuantaDyn Corporation  provides simulation and training solutions, services, and support, specializing in Joint Fires Training Systems that leverage the expertise gained in delivering their Joint Terminal Control Training Rehearsal System (JTC TRS) and Advanced JTAC Training System (AJTS) products. The company's mission is to provide modern, innovative answers to training needs, while taking full advantage of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) technology. Their experience includes virtually all phases of training device development for Joint Fires as well as both fixed and rotary wing aircraft for use on both military and commercial training systems programs. www.quantadyn.com

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