Save Time, Money with Online VBS Courseware

Feb 01, 2016

BISim training manager Chris Gold recently spoke about VBS Admin Online, the new online training courseware for VBS3. Chris has led the BISim training team since 2013.

BISim: What does the VBS Admin Online course cover? 

VBS3 Admin Online Course

Chris Gold: The VBS Administrator course is the foundation for all BISim-developed training. When we built the VBS Admin Online course, it was built on the premise that it would provide the same information as our current resident course. It covers VBS3 capabilities, administrator functions, scenario design and lesson design. We took great pains to create an online training environment that would be almost indistinguishable from the actual VBS environment. 

BISim: What kind of feedback have you gotten from customers on the online training? 

Chris: Very good feedback. I think we owe a lot of that to the hard work of the team and the robust QAing process that aided positive experiences. 

BISim: What are the advantages of using the online course versus coming to training at one of our locations or on site? 

Chris: What VBS Admin Online does is reach an untapped community who need a more cost-effective training solution. Airline tickets, hotels and car rentals add up quick. So cost is a major advantage. Time is another key advantage. The course contact hours is 18-20 whereas because we have group activities, breaks, etc. the resident course is 40 hours. The other advantage to online training is you are able to go at your own pace. You can take the course at home or on the weekend. The main difference between the online course and the resident course is that students in the online course can’t take part in typical group activities that occur in the resident course.

BISim: What’s new with the training course? 

Chris: We are working on preparing a WebGL version to increase performance on slower internet connections. We are gathering feedback on the course and looking for ways to interweave the Admin course more with the scripting courses. 

BISim: How do you sign up for the course? 

Chris: Customers can go online to this link to enroll in the VBS Admin Online course. Once they enroll and purchase the course, they’ll get a code that gives them 90-days access to complete the course. If customers are purchasing more than 5 licenses for the course, they will need to contact a sales rep or email  

BISim: What’s next for online VBS courseware? 

Chris: We are working to create a validation process that will lead to certification for various roles such as master certified scripter. Having this in place will provide our clients with a way to benchmark the performance of potential trainers and administrators who use VBS3. We are also looking into conducting webinars to give online course participants a way to replicate some of the group activities that are part of the resident course. 

Watch a video about BISim training courseware here