VBS Military User Briefing at ITEC 2016 to Highlight New Technologies and User Applications

Apr 28, 2016

Orlando, FL — The next VBS Military User Briefing will be held at ITEC 2016 on Wednesday, May 18, starting at 13:30 - 15:30, in South Gallery 3 and 4. The meeting is open only to active military personnel. Attendees can RSVP by registering online here.

For the first time in several years, the meeting will be chaired by a military representative. The Netherlands Ministry of Defence and the European Military VBS User Group have graciously agreed to preside over the VBS Military User Briefing. 

The meeting will feature a briefing on the latest features and capabilities for VBS3 and TerraTools. BISim and TerraSim will also discuss their product roadmaps and talk about contracts driving new technological developments. 

Also, new to this year’s VBS Military User Briefing will be a presentation from Col. Laetitia Olivier, the senior staff officer at the Directorate Army Strategic Direction in the South African Army. Col. Olivier, who is responsible for the development of the South African Army’s Strategy and Long Term Plan formulation, will give a presentation on the development of a Live, Virtual and Constructive capability in South Africa in which VBS3 served as a ‘virtual glue’ to link existing Army simulators into a cohesive LVC capability. 

Olivier will be joined by Alistair Garth Miggels, system engineer and project manager for virtual simulation for Saab Grintek Defence. Miggels was selected as Director and Systems Engineer for the South African Army BATTLELABs. In this role, he led the Training and Simulation team to develop a seamless distributed network-enabled C2Sim integration using VBS3, South African National Defence Force’s constructive simulation system BattleTek IV, the South African Army’s C2 System CHAKA, and the Pitch Booster Network interconnecting 4 geographically separated sites. 


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