Finnish Defence Forces Purchase Enterprise License for VBS3

Nov 30, 2016

Prague, Czech Republic — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is pleased to announce that the Finnish Defence Forces (FDF) have purchased an enterprise license of Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3).

VBS3 provides an immersive virtual environment that helps soldiers train on tactics, rehearse for missions, and practice standard operating procedures. With its After-Action Review tool, the software is designed to help soldiers learn to think, make decisions and improve communications before heading to the field for live exercises. VBS3 is used for tactical training and mission rehearsal on desktop computers as well as part-task trainers and full-mission simulators.

The Finnish military have used VBS in various training capacities since 2007. VBS has been used for individual and collective training classes in the Finnish military schools for combat training, armoured training, MOUT training, artillery and convoy training tasks.

“This procurement significantly increases virtual training capabilities across all branches and all garrisons,” said Maj. Mika Kӓrsӓmӓ. “With this procurement, we are implementing virtual training as a normal tool of training. For us it requires a different type of thinking from our trainers. The challenge for our new thinking is ‘what do you do when there are no restrictions?’”

“As part of the Virtual Training Environment (VTE) project, VBS3 allows the Finnish Defence Forces to leverage the inherent flexibility of the solution to meet their training requirements now and in the future,” said Rusmat Ahmed, BISim’s VP of Sales in EMEA. “We look forward to supporting the Finnish Defence Forces for years to come.”

As part of the delivery, BISim will provide FDF with the new soft licensing system known as WIBU CodeMeter, replacing the previous HASP system. WIBU allows a secure and easy way to distribute and update software licenses, effectively allowing FDF to control its own licensing. The new system, available for other military customers at the beginning of 2017, significantly reduces the management and administrative overhead militaries have traditionally had to carry for licence management.

More than 30 NATO entities, countries and partner nations use VBS as part of their virtual training including the Bundeswehr, French Armed Forces, Swedish Armed Forces, Norwegian Armed Forces, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, UK Ministry of Defence, Australian Defence Force, Canadian Armed Forces, and New Zealand Defence Force.


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