Bohemia Interactive Simulations Releases VBS3 v3.4

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For immediate release: July 3, 2014

Bohemia Interactive Simulations Releases Commercial Version of Virtual Battlespace 3

Orlando, Fla. – Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) announced today that it has released Virtual Battlespace 3, version 3.4, the most advanced version of the Virtual Battlespace (VBS) software series.

VBS3 is the flagship of the U.S. Army’s Games for Training program and the most widely used desktop simulation software for military training in the world. The U.S. Army version of VBS3 has already been downloaded by thousands of soldiers through the Army’s MilGaming portal since its release in March.

VBS is a flexible, virtual environment that simulates every aspect of the modern battlespace, offering more realistic physics, an extensive content library for creating models and populating scenarios, and the capability to expand existing terrains or develop geo-specific terrains for the virtual environment. VBS includes an Offline Mission Editor, Real-Time Editor and After Action Review that give users the ability to create more realistic battle situations, adjust them during a scenario, and assess participants’ performance.

In addition to its most common use as a desktop trainer for squad tactics and mission rehearsal, VBS is highly interoperable and has been integrated with a wide range of other simulation systems through its HLA/DIS gateway.

VBS3 v3.4 features significant technology advances in a number of areas.


  • Optimized for hundreds of participants
  • Procedural generation of terrain features at runtime for faster performance
  • Paged-in roads technology to reduce memory consumption
  • Real-time object aggregation for smoother, fast-air simulation and support for large cities
  • Improved performance for After Action Review scenarios involving hundreds of entities
  • AAR files are smaller, contributing to better performance


New Features, Capabilities and Improvements

“VBS3 is designed to help users learn to make decisions, communicate as a team, and practice procedures in a safe-to-fail virtual environment,” said Pete Morrison, BISim’s Co-CEO. “Among the many benefits of training in VBS3, military organizations have been able to reduce trainees’ preparation time for live exercises, which helps lead to more cost-efficient training.”

VBS3 comes equipped with a robust suite of development tools that allow users to generate terrains as well as modify and create models for use in the virtual environment.

Through our subscription-based product Virtual Battlespace Developer Network (VBSDN), commercial organizations can license VBS3 as well as gain the rights to develop and sell completely new products based on VBS3 technology or create and sell add-on products to VBS3. This one-year, renewable license also gives commercial customers access to pre-release candidates of VBS3 and the latest full releases of versions of our software, and includes basic customer support.


About Us 

Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation training solutions for military and civilian organizations. BISim develops high-fidelity, cost-effective technologies for tactical military training. We apply game-based technology to a range of breakthrough, military-specific training and simulation software products. For more information, visit our website at 


Media Contact: Tess Butler, PR Director


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