U.S. Marines Use VBS3 as part of Tactical Decision Kit

  Jun 27, 2017 Filed Under VBS In The News by Bohemia Interactive Simulations

US Marines military simulation

The 1st Battalion, 6th Marine Regiment at Camp Lejeune is using VBS3 as part of the the U.S. Marine Corps' Tactical Decision Kit (TDK), a "set of tools for Marines to develop their decision-making abilities, improve decisiveness, build esprit de Corps and breed tactical excellence while not in the field," according to an article published by DVIDS. 

The TDK was assembled by the Marine Corps Rapid Capabilities Office, Marine Corps Systems Command and Office of Naval Research. VBS3 places Marines in squad and platoon-level force-on-force scenarios for learning to think tactically, make decisions and communicate. Read the full story here.  


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