Bohemia Interactive Simulations Unveils Major Terrain Upgrade at GameTech

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VBS3 v3.6 Supports Massive, Paged Terrains


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Orlando, Fla. — At GameTech, Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ Co-CEO Pete Morrison gave attendees a preview of new capabilities coming in VBS3 v3.6, which is slated for release later this year. 

One of the key capabilities of this next iteration is support for massive terrains thousands of kilometers in size. With this capability, huge portions of the Earth can be paged into VBS3 during run-time supporting real-world visibility ranges. Enabled by advancements to TerraSim's TerraTools, we developed a database representing the majority of the East Coast of the United States — a 2200 km by 2200 km area. (Watch the video below.) 

“The East Coast U.S. terrain represents the largest terrain ever created for the Virtual Battlespace,” said Co-CEO Pete Morrison. “This is an important leap in scalability for VBS and enables a new suite of applications for the product. Together with our recent advances in scene content management and improved support for operations in large moving vessels, VBS is poised to offer simulation capabilities not only for infantry training, but also provide capabilities for flight and maritime simulations.”

This sample East Coast terrain can load in VBS3 in under 10 seconds on typical gaming hardware. Paging supports the use of satellite imagery to depict geospecific terrain as well as high-detail insets supporting scenarios that require real-world scene densities on the ground. In addition, the new terrain processing supports terrain correlation with other data sets, including OneSAF and other constructive simulations. 


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TerraTools 5 and MaterialMAP from TerraSim, a BISim company, are key enablers for building massive terrain for VBS. While TerraTools assists with developing large paging terrain, MaterialMAP helps speed the process of applying surface materials to VBS terrain that ultimately affect how the terrain is visualized. 

“Large area terrain is essential for Joint exercises where fixed wing assets need to coordinate with infantry who may be conducting door-to-door urban operations in the same virtual scenario,” Morrison said. “These new terrain capabilities help our clients support these sorts of exercises where live, virtual and constructive entities need to interoperate.”

Morrison also unveiled a number of other key improvements in the next iteration of VBS3, which includes a number of new video demonstrations of VBS3 capabilities. View his GameTech presentation below. 

GameTech presentation


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Sep 11, 2014 by Christopher McIntosh
Looking really impressive! Great work BISim!
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Sep 13, 2014 by Mary Walker
Excellent work. Simulations are so realistic. Well done.
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Sep 19, 2014 by James
awesome work

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