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Commonly used for tactical training and mission rehearsal, Bohemia Interactive Simulations' Virtual Battlespace enables trainers and users to conduct virtual exercises for land, air, maritime, and shoreline operations in highly immersive environments.

The VBS virtual environment offers realistic physics, comes with an extensive content library for creating models and populating scenarios, and has the capability for expanding existing terrains and developing geospecific terrains. 

VBS3 is well suited for learning how to think, communicate and make sound decisions. Our software provides a full range of modernized training possibilities. It allows teams to train on everything from small, team maneuvers to large, multi-faceted engagements with hundreds of users. It features a flexible after action review tool to assist in assessing trainees. 

Developed with military training in mind, VBS3 offers unique features to users to customize training. Avatars are programmed with realistic fatigue systems. Scenarios can be modified offline or in real-time to mimic real-world uncertainty. These features offer greater immersiveness for trainees and enhance training transfer (their learning outside of the virtual world).

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Though it is not designed to be a weapons trainer, it can be used as part of one. VBS3 also can be used for live, virtual, constructive or blended training approaches.

As a tool for tactical scenario training and mission rehearsal, VBS3 allows trainees to practice field tactics many times over without expending live ammunition, without costly travel time, and without risk of injury to soldiers or damage to expensive equipment.


For training Forward Air Controllers, Virtual Battlespace is really the best and easiest to use. The environment of the battlefield is critical for decisions about whether to engage or not. With VBS I can add anything I can dream about - UAVs, weather, civilians, artillery - with a couple of clicks.
Lt. Col. Christophe Aubé, Commanding Officer


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VBS3 offers versatility for a variety of training situations. Our software allows users to work across multiple training platforms. VBS3’s game engine is compatible with a host of other applications and plug-ins. VBS3 can be used in tank gunnery training, flight simulations or combinations of simulation training environments. Our networking capability has been optimized for large groups of simultaneous users. BISim has demonstrated VBS3’s capacity to allow more than one hundred trainees based all over the world to engage in networked training scenarios.

BISim offers professional training to support VBS3 users on how to get the most out of the software.


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