Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Driver Training Simulator
Oct 2015

Rheinmetall Defence Electronics’ new Leopard 2 Driver Training Simulator (DTS) is used for initial and advanced military driver training for the Leopard 2 main battle tank. The system replicates the original driver’s station of the vehicle, including operator interfaces, control gauges and observation devices. The system allows for practice driving in convoy and platoon formations.

Rheinmetall integrated the DTS with VBS3 as its game-based visualization system. VBS3 generates the virtual scenario, which is projected on a 200-degree cylindric display system with high-resolution LED projectors. Drivers can be trained to operate during day and night as well as under different weather conditions. The system also provides the option of training with vision blocks for closed-hatch driving. 

“VBS3 provides the high-fidelity image generation for the Driver Training Simulator, bringing added immersion,” said Hans-Heinrich Meyer, Senior Vice President Land Simulation. “One key benefit of using VBS3 is that we can reuse existing VBS2 and VBS3 databases.”

The VBS environment allows drivers to train in a variety of environments, including tropical and woodland terrains for off-road driving practice.

The Leopard 2 DTS driver’s cabin and the projection unit are mounted on an electrically powered motion system with six degrees of freedom that generates the acceleration forces needed for realistic driver training.

An instructor-operator station enables the user to easily create, observe and control exercises. It provides the capability to conduct detailed after action reviews, based on recorded exercises, and HLA/DIS configuration for connecting to other simulators. Reports can also be automatically generated based on triggered events and driving errors.

Rheinmetall has also integrated VBS3 as the visualization system for its Combat and Gunnery Skills Trainer. Read more about that integration here.

Download a fact sheet on the Leopard 2 Driver Training Simulator here

Tools Used
Driver Training Simulator Tools

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Motion system offers six degrees of freedom
  • Motion system offers six degrees of freedom
  • Realtime instructor monitoring
  • Replicates original driver's station
  • Leopard 2 in VBS3

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