Interoperability Testing
Jun 2015

NATO’s Joint Force Training Centre, based in Bydgoszcz, Poland, conducted the Coalition Warrior Interoperability Exploration, Experimentation and Examination Exercise (CWIX) in June 2015, the largest annual NATO interoperability testing event. The aim of the exercise is to test the compatibility of information systems used by NATO forces. 

For the third year in a row, Virtual Battlespace was used during the CWIX exercise in several scenarios. These interoperability tests involved a range of scenarios including ones involving ballistic missile fire, search and rescue operations, and artillery fire. 

CWIX involves roughly 1,000 experts from NATO and Partnership for Peace nations as well as various NATO agencies working over the course of three weeks to improve interoperability among the Alliance’s information systems. The event “allows systems and network engineers to come together to solve existing interoperability issues and explore and share potential solutions in anticipation of future operations and budget constraints,” according to NATO.

During CWIX 2015, the Polish defense company TELDAT connected its Battlefield Management System (BMS) JASMINE to VBS3 as part of an exercise. 

TELDAT’s BMS JASMINE is designed to support command processes at the tactical level. This solution is on-board Integrated Data Communications Node and one of the Network Centric Data Communication Platform JASMINE main components. It belongs to a group of C4ISR systems (Command, Control, Communications, Computers, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) and is dedicated to vehicles, vessels and flying objects in the armed forces, public services and the civilian organizations.

“It is difficult to show the full strength of our Battlefield Management System without a real battlefield environment,” said Pawel Baturo, TELDAT’s deputy director of Research & Development Department, following the 2014 exercise. “With VBS, users can start a training in the virtual environment and feed that data into the BMS JASMINE to see the results of how the system works, how our system increases situational awareness, and how it can help to make right decisions during a real mission. This is also a less expensive way to train teams before they would go to a training area.”

As part of the exercise, TELDAT’s goals were to show that they could show real vehicles equipped with BMS JASMINE moving in real time in the virtual environment and also provide virtual “tracks” of vehicles (including tanks and HMMWVs) moving in VBS2 in the BMS JASMINE system. 

Both goals were achieved, according to Baturo. 

“CWIX is a good place to test solutions with engineers from different organizations but with the same specialization, gathered in one place, who understand what we need to achieve on a technical level to test systems,” said Baturo. “We can cooperate with military side, so they can assess the result from the user’s perspective. In our case, we achieved integration of BMS JASMINE with VBS2, and we decided to test it and assess it there, because it would be convenient for our testing procedures.”

During CWIX 2015, TELDAT and BISim tested the interoperability of their systems using a geo-specific map. 

To learn more about the BMS JASMINE system, click here.

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