This has been reported and is being investigated.
It has been found that in 1.40 Tools, Visitor 4 is unable to place new objects.  X shown next to the object in the Library.   To correct this simply open and click in the Templates Properties (or Object Properties) window, then try placing the object again.
If this is encountered in 1.40 Tools simply create a normal unencrypted PBO file, then drop it on p:\tools\filebank\Pbo2Ebo.exe
Some batch files are missing the -lvc command for startup.  These include: VBS2 LVC Admin Host CNRLog.bat VBS2 LVC Dedi Server CNRLog.bat   Edit the bat files and add in the -lvc switch to correct this.
Removed for all customers except US Army and USMC
If a drop in FPS is seen when using the Buffalo this is  caused by the attached PhysX fork.  This is a bug that can only be fixed by updating VBS2 to a newer version.
If possible copy from the 1.30 RC3 tools. To grab the proxy previews, all you need to do is grab the exe, no need for the samples, i.e.,