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Purchases of VBSDN licenses and renewals include the cost of our standard Software Upgrades and Support Plan. Initial purchases of a VBS3 license by military customers include support as a line item but are subject to annual renewal. 

This entitles license holders to

  • upgrade to the latest major releases during the term of the plan,
  • access essential support services for the installation, configuration, and ongoing use of VBS3 or VBSDN,
  • gain access to the BISim Support Portal, providing knowledgebase articles, downloads, and access to our global network of customer support staff.

Under the standard Software Upgrades and Support Plan, BISim strives to provide 

  • provide a non-automated initial response to an email ticket within 24 hours of creation,
  • provide average response time for existing ticket within 24 hours of customer response, and
  • provide email/web ticket-based customer support during the normal operating hours of Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) global offices.

Please note: BISim does not guarantee 24-hour availability due to different time zones and office hours. BISim is closed during some holiday periods and will not be available at these times. 

Additional years of support can be purchased. Customer must renew their Software Upgrades and Support Plan annually. Customers who allow their Software Upgrades and Support Plan to lapse may be charged an additional fee for renewal.

The standard Software Upgrade and Support plan does not include the following: 

  • terrain creation or modification,
  • creation of scenarios with the OME,
  • creation of custom scripts,
  • creation of VBSFusion plug-ins,
  • linkage with 3rd party software via DIS/HLA gateways,
  • DIS/HLA support issues,
  • VBS3Fires/VBS3Fires FST support issues,
  • VBSFusion support issues,
  • third party plug-in or product support issues, or
  • third party hardware support issues.

For assistance with these types of projects, customers should consider purchasing Professional Services hours.

Third party products such as VBSFusion have their own support networks. Contact Support for more information.