We work alongside awesome people who are great at their jobs.

At Bohemia Interactive Simulations, we believe that when we are surrounded by high performers, things get done more quickly, amazing things can be accomplished, seemingly impossible problems can be solved.

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What We’re Working On

We strive to be a major innovator, challenging our own technology to be drastically better, not just incrementally better. Join BISim and develop state-of-the-art, user-friendly simulation products that harness the power of game-based technologies.

  • Build immersive 3D virtual worlds that support the rigorous training requirements of the most powerful defense organizations in the world.
  • Be a part of a team on the leading edge of developing software that supports the latest Virtual Reality hardware for military training and simulation.
  • Program applications that make simulation technologies more performative, more immersive, and more accurate.

Who We Look For

We’re looking for top performers who are flexible, adaptable, innovative and work well under pressure. We hire for the following roles: Software Engineers | UI/UX Designers | Game Designers | Testers | Business Developers | Technical Sales Support | Game Producers

If you’re passionate about working for BISim but don’t see a position below that fits your skill set, please feel free to send your resume to [email protected].


What It’s Like Working for BISim

At Bohemia Interactive Simulations, we’re making a difference, we’re disruptive to competitors, and we’re constantly challenging the status quo through technology advances and through aggressive and brave business decisions. We are a company of many offices and many nationalities, and that offers diverse perspectives and ways of working.

“I should already be used to it but after 8 years of working for Bohemia I am still amazed how well recognized we are by our customers and by the industry and how much fun it is to work in the always dynamic and innovative global team of people.” — Otakar Nieder, Senior Director of Development

“When I first joined the company in 2007, we all had to go out to run training courses. I was in El Paso with the U.S. Army teaching a course. One of the guys on base saw my Bohemia Interactive shirt and said ‘thanks to IED and convoy training we did in VBS five of my guys are still alive today.” — Mark Lacey, Director of Art

“There are two things which I find especially essential, doing work which matters and feeling challenged while doing so. BISIM offers you both and a great bunch of people to support you. That means that you are never truly bored, always working on something different and always feeling challenged. And, as a cherry on the top, you also work with advanced technologies.” — David Novotny, Senior QA Manager

Our Values

A Place to be Proud of We believe achievement is the route to a satisfying job. We strive to be goal and deadline oriented while also striving to be create a fun and relaxed work environment.

Self-healing Organization When we come across an issue, we fix it for the short and long term. We are open to change and value continuous improvement.

Rigorous Everyone takes responsibility to make sure nothing ‘falls through the gaps.’ We are action and conclusion oriented.

Respectful We treat others as we expect to be treated. We communicate our feedback in a concise, supportive and empathetic manner.

Challenging We challenge each other to perform better and expect high quality in everything we do.

Pragmatic As an organization, we are decisive. We always look for compromise and the best outcome for the company based on the available facts.

Common Vision We have a common strategy and set of values.

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