High-Quality Training to Maximize Your Potential in VBS


With more than 10 years of experience helping customers learn to use Virtual Battlespace to develop their training teams’ skills, Bohemia Interactive Simulations understands the training needs of military organizations and defense contractors.

Learn from our experts and get the most out of VBS.

To become familiar with the scope of how Virtual Battlespace can be used to enhance your training and tap into more complex applications of our software, we offer professional training led by instructors who are well-versed in the best practices for integrating Virtual Battlespace into military training.

Our courses cover a wide range of content modification and creation in all areas of VBS use including

BISim also offers courses that help trainees learn how to use call-for-fire and close air support applications. 

During our courses, instructors guide participants through hands-on activities that encourage engagement in learning. Trainees are expected to demonstrate their understanding by applying their learning to real-world projects.  

BISim offers training courses at our facilities in the US, the UK and Australia on a recurring basis year round. Attending training courses at BISim training facilities also can provide opportunities to interact with trainees from other companies as well as speak with our developers, who are eager to hear customer feedback about how they can continue to improve VBS software. We also offer on-site training at customers’ locations. BISim also is willing to work with customers to organize training sessions outside of our announced open enrollment schedule. 

Contact our training team to discuss your team's training needs by emailing training@bisimulations.com or see our available open-enrollment courses at our training facilities below. 

TerraSim, a BISim company, also offers training courses for its TerraTools 5 Core and related products. To inquire about TerraSim training, e-mail marketing@terrasim.com.

The scripting course gave me confidence so that I may be able to train all scenarios and have the entities involved act appropriately within the game. This will allow for a higher level of realism for the training we conduct with soldiers daily.

— Lee Power, senior consultant, Booz Allen Hamilton