As part of Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ ongoing efforts to modularize the Virtual Battlespace game engine, our developers have created a new artificial intelligence behavior creation toolkit, which is being used to create AI behaviors for new products like VBS Tactics, our 2D interface for controlling doctrinally correct AI in VBS3. We recently spoke with senior game designer Martin Kolombo...
BISim training manager Chris Gold recently spoke about VBS Admin Online, the new online training courseware for VBS3. Chris has led the BISim training team since 2013. BISim: What does the VBS Admin Online course cover?  Chris Gold: The VBS Administrator course is the foundation for all BISim-developed training. When we built the VBS Admin Online course, it was built on the premise...
A group of developers with BISim’s Orlando Team showcased VBS3 this year for the first time at Orlando’s Otronicon, a local event designed to “celebrate how digital media technologies impact the way we live, learn, work and play.” The event is held annually at the Orlando Science Center and features a range of exhibits, classes, and speakers from the tech industry.  “This was a great way...