At I/ITSEC 2018, BISim will showcase the power of its new cloud-enabled technology suite for a combined arms, multi-domain scenario in which friendly forces will carry out an assault on an enemy artillery position. The scenario will involve an Apache attack helicopter simulation (using Brunner Elektronik’s VR-200 Motion simulator specially fitted with Apache replica control...
Event: Synthetic and Simulation Training Location: Marriott Orlando Downtown Date: November 7 - 9 Brochure: Bohemia Interactive Simulations is delighted to sponsor the Synthetic and Simulation Training Summit! The summit will provide a venue to discuss the current and future direction and utilization of virtual training & simulation technologies throughout the Military,...
PRAGUE — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is proud to be the event partner and sponsor of MilSim CEE, a new conference focused on military simulation issues for the Central and Eastern European region. The event will be held October 30-31 in Brno, Czech Republic. “Bohemia Interactive Simulations are delighted to be part of the inaugural MilSim CEE event,” said Rusmat Ahmed, BISim's Senior...
VBS3 contains over 1,600 features, includes more than 12,000 models, and meets hundreds of different training and simulation use cases. The amount of VBS3 content and diverse ways VBS3 can be used poses a significant challenge for BISim’s testing and quality assurance team. “We are building additional layers of testing framework, based on exact customer use cases,” says David...
BISim Australia was recently invited to participate in a charity tabletop tactics gaming event called the ANZAC Cup, run by the ADF Wargaming Association, which supports Soldier On. The Soldier On Foundation helps support ADF veterans and their families with services ranging from employment and education support to health and well being. Attendees at the ANZAC Cup had an opportunity to...