From VBS3 v17.3, BISim will include a VBS Control “Behavior Pack” — a package of artificial intelligence features — as time-limited, preview beta content. These include new civilian, convoy, and doctrine-typical infantry combat behaviors, all created with BISim’s VBS Control Editor. The VBS Control Behavior Pack is available for purchase now, and BISim will continue to improve and add new AI...
BISim has undertaken several recent development projects in VBS3 for Swedish Armed Forces training. These include new Forward Observer Training tools, a new CV9040 part-task trainer and remote weapon systems trainer. We spoke with BISim’s Director of Design Andrew Barron about these projects. BISim: What is SWEFOT? Andrew: This is a project aimed at developing features in VBS3 for training...
At this year's ITEC, BISim put the versatility of VBS on display for its European military customers and users. Thank you to all the delegates who visited our booth and experienced VBS for everything from helicopter gunnery training to armored part-task training to VR-based flight simulation. Around the show, we had over a dozen other exhibitors showing VBS in various demonstrations,...
ITEC 2017 is Europe’s premier industry conference showcasing the latest innovations in simulation and training. The show gives attendees the chance to see how militaries around the world use simulation for training and offers industry leaders a chance to discuss future developments in the industry.  Bohemia Interactive Simulations will have a significant presence at the show, demonstrating new...
BISim’s Business Development Director Craig Turner recently spoke about the Swedish Armed Forces procurement of the Chernarus terrain for Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3) with Cpt. Anders Jakobsson, who is System manager for StrisimPC & VBS & Crew training in the Development Department of the Land Warfare Center in Skövde. In the interview below, Jakobsson discusses why the Swedish Armed...