Press Releases

BISim has released two new software developer kits for creating custom applications for VBS3, the industry’s leading desktop military simulation training package, and VBS Blue IG, BISim’s new high-performance, CIGI-compliant, 3D whole-earth image generator.
Vitrociset has signed a strategic agreement with BISim for the development of business and sales in Italy. Vitrociset's leadership in the training world with its proposal of advanced training solutions, will be further enriched thanks to the use of VBS3, from which it obtains the commercial exclusivity for the resale of VBS3 licenses in Italy.
BISim today announced the release of VBS Blue IG, its high-performance, CIGI-compliant, 3D whole-earth image generator. VBS Blue IG is a 3D planetary simulation that is cloud-enabled, geo-specific with round-earth procedural rendering and editing. VBS Blue IG is designed for all applicable use cases from land, air and sea, including multichannel IG configurations as well as virtual reality-based training applications.
BISim is excited to share the new features and capabilities available in the latest version of VBS3. Already used for hundreds of training uses cases, the latest version of VBS3 further extends those training possibilities, provide more flexibility and improves the user experience.
BISim is supporting MBDA Australia in developing a training system for the MMP missile for the Australian Defence Force’s Project: Land 400. Land 400 is the largest vehicle acquisition project ever undertaken by the ADF and is intended to enhance the mounted close combat capability of the Australian Army. MBDA is offering its MMP medium-range missile as part of the $20 billion project. The MMP is the only fifth generation anti-tank guided weapon that is in production and in service today, according to MBDA.