Enhanced Training Realism with Multisensory Simulation

IFTech Inc.

Mar. 29, 2023
Elevating training with the ARAIG Battle Suit integration
Inventing Future Technology Inc. (IFTech), a Canadian company, uses Bohemia Interactive Simulations' (BISimTM) VBS4 for its ARAIG Battle Suit. The ARAIG Battle Suit is a multisensory multidirectional, force feedback suit that, when integrated with VBS4, provides real-world stressors without compromising other key training requirements.

The integration of VBS4 into the ARAIG Battle Suit brings a new level of realism and effectiveness to military training. The system provides real-world training outcomes without real-world risks.
Scott Hooper, VP Business Development BISim

Critical real-world stressors prepare soldiers for operational settings

The development of the ARAIG Battle Suit was driven by the need to provide soldiers with a multisensory feedback technology that allows them to feel and hear as if they are truly on the battlefield. Previously implemented virtual training systems offered insufficient sensory immersion.

Michael Stanfield, CEO of IFTech explained, “Lack of realistic sensory training hinders our soldiers' ability to develop resilience, sophisticated situational awareness, and critical decision-making, which ultimately puts our forces in danger during real-life operations. In essence, limited sensory experiences prohibit advanced training.”

The ARAIG Battle Suit significantly enhances sensory training by accurately simulating the wide range of stressors necessary for maximal immersion during training scenarios.

Incorporating real-world stressors into simulation and training solution

IFTech was able to integrate the ARAIG Battle Suit quickly and easily with VBS4 and deploy it within minutes to any VBS training scenario. Using the VBS4 simulator allowed trainees to create and execute complex scenarios right out-of-the-box without the need for technical expertise.

VBS4 provided IFTech with a foundation to create "checkpoint scenarios" for the Canadian Department of National Defence, allowing soldiers to train effectively while stationed at a military checkpoint (CP). At the CP, vehicles would be required to stop, and both the vehicle and its occupants would be subjected to a thorough search for weapons and contraband. CP activities required soldiers to meet specific performance standards and adhere to standard operating procedures. Using VBS4, IFTech was able to implement over 4 million possible variations in these checkpoint scenarios, providing an extensive and comprehensive list of training possibilities.

“The ARAIG Battle Suit takes training to the next level. Providing multisensory feedback to training, ARAIG provides the user with real-life feedback on what they are doing. It connects the eyes to the body. This technology makes training as realistic as doing the real thing. This system easily adapts to existing platforms and will raise the level of capability of any organization using it.” Major-General (Ret.) David Fraser, Canadian Armed Forces.

The ARAIG Battle Suit's ability to take advantage of VBS4’s extensive simulation capabilities and add multisensory impacts for the trainee allows for a comprehensive and effective training solution that enhances realism in any simulation.


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Customer Profile

IFTech Inventing Future Technology Inc. (IFTech) is a Canadian company providing major enhancements to existing modeling, simulation & training solutions. IFTech is a leader in wearable technology and software, with a simple mission: make training and simulation As Real As It Gets, on a global scale. Its vision is to help save lives.

IFTech team is dedicated to providing the most realistic training to trainees/operators and assisting solution providers in making their solutions second to none.


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