Revolutionary Platform Enhances First Responder Preparedness


June 10, 2024
Immersive Scenario-based Training Sharpens First Responders' Critical Thinking and Decision-Making
First Responders Face Obstacles in Sharpening Critical Decision Skills
Training for first responders has been re-imagined with a new simulation platform that improves training with high-fidelity, immersive scenarios. Exposing personnel to a wide range of emergency experiences and events through simulations, results in better prepared trainees in blue-light services.

The Challenge: time and money can restrict access to high-quality training
Limited access to facilities and packed training schedules can restrict opportunities for first responders to regularly practice critical decision-making skills, highlighting the need to create additional innovative training solutions. Now, both experienced first responders and software developers are working together to develop training solutions for emergency response teams.

How Training for first responders has been re-imagined
Vigilance Technologies, LLC has created Emergency Response Simulations (ERSims), a scenario-based platform customized for First Responders to continuously practice the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by the heroes who serve in law enforcement, fire fighting/rescue, and medical emergencies. Within the desktop system trainees create scenarios that involve low-frequency, high-risk incidents replicating stressful conditions, and practice decision making over many iterations, providing realistic training.

The immersive experience is enhanced with the incorporation of VBS
Incorporating a highly customizable engine like VBS4, ERSims offers trainees a valuable training tool that enhances their preparedness through the use of dynamic scenarios, taking place in their own response districts and simulated environments. Taking the risk and cost out of emergency response training
The result means access to a simulation platform that agencies may not otherwise afford given their limited budgets, while providing trainees with high-level, high-quality training in a cost effective way. The platform scenarios and customized content includes training for Structural Firefighting, HazMat, Train Derailments, Mass Casualty, Active Shooter, Terrorist Events, Wildland Fire Operations, IMS/ICS, Shipboard Firefighting, Officer Development, Promotional Assessments, Interoperability/Multi-Agency Missions.

BISim + ERSims support the emergency services
BISims guidance, expertise, and development resources allowed Emergency Response Simulations to tap into the many benefits of VBS4 to create a life-like sandbox for first responders.

People learn best through active learning, whilst allowing some measure of control. If we expand that further, we can gain experiential, or experienced-based knowledge, in the emergency response services by responding to realistic incidents, making decisions under time pressures, and experiencing the consequences of those decisions without burning down structures, risking lives, or consuming resources. So, how can this be accomplished? With simulations.
Jack Lopez, CTO/Co-Founder, ERSims (Fire Captain – Retired)

Taking simulation to the real world with reduced risk
With basic training undertaken, trainees then take what they have practiced out into the field. They can apply the experience-based knowledge gained to successfully mitigate life-threatening events. This simulation-based training is available now to emergency response agencies and organizations. Find out more about ERSims here


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Customer Profile

Emergency Response Simulations is a division of Vigilance Technologies, LLC, a global technology solutions and managed-services company. ERSims offers Cutting-Edge Integration and Development Services. Their mission is to provide First Responders and Incident Managers with the latest technology to transform training through the use of simulations and 3D modeling for improving crisis management and disaster response.


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