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With the high cost of live military training and maneuvers, it becomes indispensable to incorporate simulation solutions that offer more cost-efficient training as close to reality as possible.

Thanks to this integration between VBS and Simumak, soldiers are able to learn and to train through practical activities to boost the interaction and the realism needed for military training
Angel Pradel, Chief Design Officer and partner, Simumak

Simumak’s highly immersive simulation training system for military terrain vehicles is the result of consolidated experience in the driving simulation sector plus the realistic software of VBS virtual environment. Giving the possibility to transfer, train and apply direct military knowledge based on professional simulated practice, Simumak’s Military Terrain Vehicles Simulator allows group driving training and interactive procedures between vehicles, convoy displacements, group movements, etc. It also enables learning and training of military doctrines, procedures and team coordination.

Simumak’s Military Terrain Vehicles Simulator allows users to see the virtual driving environment on three 75” monitors with a 200-degree viewing angle and semi-closed cabin. The system includes a motion platform with 3-degrees of freedom, 5.1 surround sound, a steering wheel equipped with force feedback, and a sensorized safety belt. 

Simumak’s integration of military vehicle hardware with the software of VBS boosts the immersion, offering a high level of efficiency in the user's knowledge thanks to the replica of the interior of the vehicle. 

Thanks to the extraction of real-time data obtained from the simulator’s dynamic engine, users receive live feedback from all haptic devices located in the real environment. The resulting high immersion military vehicle simulator provides a wide visual environment for full-mission simulation and becomes a global training tool with high quality to maximize the potential of VBS.

This high immersion increases users’ levels of stress during the exercise, demanding more participation and effort from them to achieve the objectives according to the military doctrine imposed.

In addition, Simumak's military vehicle simulator enables interoperability between different devices and simulators thanks to the VBS connectivity capabilities. This interoperability allows users to schedule maneuvers where multiple simulators and other agents interact depending on the role assigned to them.

“Thanks to this integration between VBS and Simumak, soldiers are able to learn and to train through practical activities to boost the interaction and the realism needed for military training,” said Simumak Chief Design Officer and partner Angel Pradel. “Bohemia Interactive Simulations is an ideal partner for leveraging gaming technology to offer cost-efficient and customized military solutions, guaranteeing the integration of multi-user systems with interoperability in real time to enhance military training capabilities.”

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Simumak, partly owned by everis Aerospace and Defense Group as a shareholder, specializes in the development of training solutions through simulation technologies. Since 2005, Simumak offers customized solutions for clients through high performance simulators applied to the Automotive, Construction, Mining, Aviation, Security and Defence industries. 


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