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Swedish Armed Forces

The Swedish Armed Forces (SwAF) needed to enhance the training functionality and vehicle simulations for their existing CV90 simulator in a cost-effective way. Since their StrisimPC program is already based on VBS3, the SwAF saw advantages in using VBS3 for their CV90 simulator so they could run the CV90 training at every site with a StrisimPC classroom. After comparing VBS3 with other competing solutions, the SwAF contracted BISimTM to develop an updated CV90 part-task trainer.

As an advanced scenario builder, VBS3 can create very good exercises and good training moments for the crews.
SwAF Senior Warrant Officer Anders Jakobsson

“The maintenance cost is much lower since we now have one [virtual] training environment for basic VBS3 training, CV90 training, RWS training and forward observer training,” said SwAF Senior Warrant Officer Anders Jakobsson. “In the earlier days, we would have had one simulator system for each of these needs, meaning one support contract per system, a lot fewer installations around the country, higher costs and less training capability.”

The CV90 simulation is used to train crews (both beginner and advanced) to handle the fire control system and perform firing procedures, according to Jakobsson. Many new conscript soldiers are introduced to the CV90’s operations through the simulation, Jakobsson explains. Additionally, the simulator is also used to refresh crew knowledge before live firing exercises to avoid errors and make time on the live firing range more efficient.

Jakobsson says that VBS3’s large 3D model library, vast amount of functionality and ability to create specialized training using scripting and the built-in mission editor were key features that convinced them to use VBS3 as the virtual environment across the organization.

“It’s easy to change between different training needs per student seat,” says Jakobsson. “As an advanced scenario builder, VBS3 can create very good exercises and good training moments for the crews.”

BISim created a part-task trainer for the CV90 to a level of fidelity usually required for flight sims, where every button and switch is faithfully represented. This fidelity enables users to learn all the correct gunnery procedures for the CV90. The development involved the creation of an HTML-based user interface to represent panels in the vehicle that are touch-enabled for use on touch-screens. The project also involved updating the ammunition simulation and creating more accurate modeling of damage simulation.

The system uses gunner and commander handle replicas and commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) gaming steering wheels and pedals.

“Overall, this makes training quite low cost compared to a cabin solution, so it's fairly easy to change things,” Jakobsson says. “Without the cabin, it is a bit more abstract to train commanders on observation or get gunners to know/feel where buttons are without looking, but that can be trained in the real vehicle as well.”

“To be able to train CV90 crews in the same exercise as rifle soldiers, forward observers and such, without maintaining several simulator systems and using less reliable networking protocols, is very good,” says Jakobsson. “Since we have fulfilled so many training needs with one software solution, it is very easy to have cooperative/collaborative training at a high quality for trainees.”


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The Swedish Armed Forces is the government agency that oversees Sweden's Army, Navy, Air Force, Home Guard and National Security Forces. They are charged with defending Sweden and the country's interests.


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