By Rob Carpenter, Business Development Manager, Australia / New Zealand Introduction to Amphibious Operations Amphibious operations are incredibly complicated by their very nature—synchronizing maritime, ground, and air capabilities against the littoral environment, nature, and opposition forces. The demanding nature of these operations necessitates extensive training. This is the key...
By Ryan Binns, Lead Architect and Gavin Ryde, VBS Blue IG Development Lead Image Generators (IG) are essential for military training as they provide highly realistic and immersive representations of virtual environments. With a specific focus on rendering detailed terrain, objects, and entities, IG enables military personnel to train in virtual scenarios resembling real-world conditions. VBS...
By Craig Turner, BD Director EMEA and Gary Barratt, Snr. Application Engineer Project OdySSEy is a single synthetic environment (SSE) for collective military training developed by BAE Systems in collaboration with nine other companies, including Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). The platform has multiple use cases – including battle scenario run-throughs. During a virtual simulation...
By Rob Carpenter, Business Development Manager Australia / New Zealand Uninhabited and autonomous systems, commonly known as “drones,” have been part of military warfare for a couple of decades. These systems, also known by various terms such as Uninhabited Aerial Systems (UAS), Uninhabited Ground Vehicles (UGV), and Maritime Uninhabited Systems (MUS), have seen increased utilization...
By Tim Turcich, Sr. AR/VR Software Engineer The defense industry worldwide is moving towards immersive training technologies to support next-generation infantry simulations and mission rehearsals. These technologies create real-world training environments that help users gain situational awareness and improve operational readiness. As one of the leading developers of simulation and...