BISim Hosts 3rd Annual DVS User Day

Sep 18, 2019

Today, BISim hosted the 3rd annual Defence Virtual Simulation (DVS) User Day at the Defence Academy of the United Kingdom with over 80 participants from the UK MOD and industry. DVS is the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD) common tool providing interoperable, accessible and deployable simulation capabilities. DVS is delivered by BISim in the form of VBS3 and enables simulated activity across all levels of training, including live and virtual simulation, education and experimentation. Demos and presentations were provided for air, land and maritime use cases, including VR and MR.

In less than 3 years, DVS has grown in use for the air, land and maritime domains, and for both Regular and Reservist personnel. For example, the Royal Navy is developing 3D models of its ships in DVS to make training more accessible by enabling VR training for its Reserve Units. DVS is now used at over 60 sites for individual, specialist, and collective training as well as experimentation. The UK MOD will continue to use and expand its use of DVS, upgrading DVS to be based on VBS3 19.1 later in 2019.

Thanks to Cranfield University's Simulation and Synthetic Environment Laboratory for their support, to our speakers and the Royal School of Artillery. See you next year.