BISim at I/ITSEC 2021: VBS4 - The Next Generation of U.S. Army Collective Virtual Training

Nov 03, 2021

Visit BISim’s booth 1071 to see mixed reality demonstrations of VBS4, our next generation whole-earth virtual and constructive desktop trainer and simulation host. You’ll also see VBS Blue IG, BISim’s high-performance, 3D whole-Earth image generator, in action. VBS4 and VBS Blue IG are part of BISim’s comprehensive, cutting-edge technology suite, allowing you to train a broad range of multi-domain use cases.

BISim will deliver significant components of the U.S. Army’s next generation of collective training technology. As a technology subcontractor to Cole Engineering Services Inc. (CESI), BISim’s VBS4, VBS Blue IG and VBS World Server play a significant role in the TSS/TMT solution for the U.S. Army’s Synthetic Training Environment (STE). You can see demonstrations of our full product and technology suite at BISim’s booth and across the show floor at our industry customers’ booths.

Visit BISim at Booth 1071. Contact to schedule meetings and product demos.

Demonstrations at BISim’s Booth 1071

I/ITSEC 2021 will showcase a broad range of new products, capabilities and training applications using BISim technology at the BISim booth 1071.

These include the following demonstrations:

Mixed Reality Weapons Trainer - BISim has developed a weapons procedure trainer using advanced mixed reality and real-time chroma key (green/blue screen) along with virtual 3D masking techniques to enable collaboration between the gunner and loader/spotter of the Carl Gustaf recoilless rifle in the VBS Blue IG virtual environment. Using a mockup of the Gustaf provided by Industrial Smoke and Mirrors (booth 2800), Varjo XR-3 headsets (booth 3010), and BISim’s VBS4 and VBS Blue IG, the gunner and loader can see each other through the Varjo XR-3 headsets’ high-fidelity passthrough cameras as well as the same blended virtual elements produced in VBS Blue IG.

VBS Blue IG is the visual environment for BISim's mixed reality Carl Gustaf trainer

Remote Weapon Station Simulation System - KONGSBERG will join BISim’s booth to make its world premier of its CORE™ Training Simulator, which uses BISim’s VBS4 for standard classroom-based simulator training and in-vehicle training available directly on PROTECTOR systems. With KONGSBERG’s embedded solution, users can train anytime - while parked inside a base, during a field exercise, before a live fire exercise, or while deployed worldwide.

KONGSBERG uses VBS4 for its simulator and in-vehicle training on PROTECTOR systems.

Mixed Reality Reconfigurable Aircraft - Fly the BISim Apache helicopter simulator! You’ll be flying the Apache in mixed reality in the VBS Blue IG virtual environment and see Bugeye Technologies’ Apache cockpit and controls through the new JVC (booth 1712) HMD-VS1W. The Apache flight model will be provided by SASimulations’ FLEX-air. Other state-of-the-art headsets using BISim technology will be at the show. For example, VRgineers will demonstrate XTAL on (booth 2026), which offers an impressive 180-degree field of view.

VBS Blue IG drives the visual environment for a mixed reality aircraft simulator with Bugeye hardware and FLEX-air flight model.

VBS4 Virtual Desktop Training Demonstrations - From individual to collective training, from airborne recon to amphibious assaults, VBS4 offers a huge variety of training options for military personnel. And, with its powerful VBS Control AI, users can create scenarios with hundreds of AI-powered entities, offering trainees more realistic patterns of life for military and civil security scenarios. Come visit our booth to see VBS4 in action in a virtual desktop training configuration.

VBS4 supports hundreds of military training uses, from individual to collective training.

Presentations and Events

Beers from Around the World
Tuesday, Nov. 30. Booth #1071, @1700
Join BISim staff and booth partners for a sampling of beers from around the world.

VBS Information Session
Wednesday, Dec. 1, Room #S322, @1330-1500
BISim invites military and industry delegates to learn about the latest updates to the BISim product line and hear our plans for upcoming releases and other future tech Register here.

See BISim software demonstrations at I/ITSEC 2021 on booth 1071.

Booth Partners

BAE company logo


BAE Systems has developed an innovative modeling and simulation System of Systems (SoS) prototype for the digital transformation of wargaming. Their integrated, forward-leaning PIONEER™ wargaming solution is designed to meet the future wargaming requirements of U.S. government customers, providing automated, intelligent, and trustworthy wargaming capability across multiple domains including land, air, sea, space and cyber. PIONEER utilizes cutting edge, Linguistic Geometry (LG)-based explainable Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, and predictive analytics to deliver a truly immersive environment with critical verified, validated, and accredited analytics to provide military leaders with a competitive and information advantage.

BISim's VBS4 will provide first-person tactical simulation for BAE Systems' PIONEER (TM).

BAE Systems has partnered with several industry experts, including ALEX-Alternative Experts, Bohemia Interactive Simulations, CAE USA, Cole Engineering Services Inc., Covan Group, NetSimCo, PLEXSYS, SCALABLE Network Technologies, STILMAN Advanced Strategies, Stucan Solutions, and 4C North America, to offer breakthrough technology and predictive analytics-based wargaming solutions that automate planning, execution, and post-game analytics.

During I/ITSEC 2021, BAE Systems, together with its modeling and simulation partners, will demonstrate PIONEER's integrated capabilities, including a single streamlined User Interface, M&S Tools such as LG RAID, EXata, ASCOT7, and VBS4, as well as integrated real time data analytics.

The demonstration will start with data ingest utilizing the Velocity tool and will cover various wargame scenarios at the strategic, operational, and tactical levels. Demonstrators will utilize LG RAID to model ground, air, and space operations while EXata will model communications and cyber effects. ASCOT7 will be seen modeling air, sea, and subsea operations while VBS4 will demonstrate first person "boots on the ground" battle graphics at the tactical level. Wargame analytics and metrics will be produced by the Hive analytics tool and all displayed utilizing the integrated Exonaut user interface.

See demonstrations of PIONEER at BISim’s booth 1071 and BAE Systems’ booth 513.

Kongsberg company logo


Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS - Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is Norway’s premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems and solutions. The company is a leading supplier of defence products and systems for command and control, surveillance, space, tactical communications, remote weapon stations and missiles systems. Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace also has extensive capabilities within advanced composite manufacturing and maintenance, repair and overhaul within the aircraft and helicopter market.

At BISim’s I/ITSEC booth (#1071) KONGSBERG will demonstrate its CORE™ Training Simulator, which uses BISim’s VBS4 for standard classroom-based simulator training and in-vehicle training available directly on PROTECTOR systems. With KONGSBERG’s embedded solution, users can train anytime - while parked inside a base, during a field exercise, before a live fire exercise, or while deployed worldwide.

Watch a video and read more about the simulator here.

KONGSBERG will demonstrate its CORE Training Simulator, which uses BISim's VBS4 for classroom and in-vehicle training on PROTECTOR systems.
ausimtech motion platform 3D flight simulation


At I/ITSEC, TerraSim will demonstrate the latest in terrain generation technology from our latest TerraTools release to our brand new World Server technology.

TerraSim will also demonstrate our new airfield generation capability, CDB import/export, and our drone survey, terrain-building workflow.

TerraSim Inc., a Bohemia Interactive Simulations Company, is a leading geospatial technology company that develops advanced software solutions to automate terrain generation. TerraSim’s software supports export to the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the industry.

TerraSim is a leading geospatial tech company that develops advances software.

For more information about TerraSim or our products, visit us on the web at or email us at

Supporting Technology Partners

BUgeye Technologies company logo


Bugeye Technologies has long been known for high quality simulated flight hardware, and the RVCT provides an ideal platform on which to deploy these solutions. The RVCT displayed at the BISim booth is designed with reconfigurability, scalability, portability and simplicity in mind. The primary flight controls within Bugeye’s RVCT are control loaded and electronically linked. All of Bugeye’s hardware is software-agnostic and has been integrated with a wide variety of software solutions on the market. While primarily developed for collective training, the Bugeye RVCT can be scaled up or down to accommodate a wide variety of training missions.

To see the latest from Bugeye Technologies, visit us at booth 1549 or contact to learn more.

Bugeye provides high-quality simulated flight hardware for BISim's Apache simulator at ITSEC.
ausimtech motion platform 3D flight simulation


The FLEX-air suite of products provide effective flight simulation and training solutions for every price point, level of fidelity and class of device.

The FLEX-air "Author Once, Deploy Everywhere" technology enables the same level of fidelity on high end simulations and mobile devices. Develop a training solution once, and use it on everything from tactical trainers to courseware.


Contact Us

We would love to see you at I/ITSEC. If you're going, please visit us at booth #1071, or email to arrange a meeting with us. For media and press inquiries, please contact Abby Lewis, BLASTmedia for Bohemia Interactive Simulations.