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Recap of VBS Tech Conference Day 1 - Training Made Easier, Faster, Global

Apr 29, 2020

Thanks to all who joined BISim for the first day of the VBS Technology Conference. Our first day’s sessions, led by BISim founder and Chief Commercial Officer Pete Morrison, had hundreds of participants listening in and asking over 130 questions. It was exciting to see so many people engaged in learning more about VBS4. We are working through all the questions and we'll post answers to them separately (keep an eye out for a future blog on our website). Watch the replay video above or click here to watch on Youtube

We hope you’ll join us for the next sessions on Day 2, focusing in on the new terrain editing and mission planning modes of VBS4 that help ease instructor burden. You can find registration links to all the sessions at

On Day 1, Pete took attendees on a world tour of VBS4, BISim’s state-of-the-art whole-earth virtual desktop trainer and simulation host, which will be available and ready for training in July. We moved from a mechanized assault in Poland to an after action review in San Francisco to an overview of the variety of features included in VBS4 in Japan.

If you want to skip around the video replay above, check out this guide below to jump to your topic of interest.

Session Kickoff

  • VBS4 20.1 Teaser Video
  • Presenter/Moderator Introductions
  • VBS Tech Conference Schedule

What is VBS4 - VBS4 Intro Presentation Slides

  • Who we are, what we do
  • Product Suite Overview
  • VBS4
  • VBS Blue IG
  • VBS SDKs
  • How does VBS4 fit in the training continuum
  • What is a simulation host & image generator
  • Benefits of VBS4

VBS4 Live Demo Tour of Terrains

  • Athens Greece - procedural terrain
  • San Francisco - nighttime lighting
  • Kingsville Airport - ultra high-resolution texture
  • Arizona - procedural terrain

VBS4 Workflow Demo - Poland

  • VBS Geo - terrain editing demo
  • VBS Plan - mission planning/creation demo

VBS4 (Feature Highlights from VBS) - Japan

  • First-person (weapons usage, hand signals, etc.); CASEVAC, wounding, first aid; Ballistics, material properties; UAV operations; Driver training; Towing; Javelin simulation; Civilian animations; CBRN simulation; Wind simulation; NVG & thermal sensor simulation; HALO jump; Terrain deformation

VBS3 Example Import

VBS Control AI in VBS4

  • Civilian POL
  • Convoy AI
  • AI on Rails
  • VBS Enhanced AI Scalability (2000 entities in VBS4)
  • Massive Crowds (5000+ civilian AI)
  • Moving VBS4 to the Cloud
  • 16K+ 3D Model Content Library
  • VBS World Server

VBS3 vs VBS4

VBS4 Roadmap

  • Seasonal Biomes
  • VBS4 System Requirements