Register for the VBS Tech Conference 2.0

Nov 17, 2020

Register Now! Live Briefing Sessions on the Latest Developments in BISim Tech (December 2)

With I/ITSEC going virtual, BISim’s annual customer briefing at I/ITSEC will be delivered online as the VBS Tech Conference 2.0 this year on Wednesday, December 2. Join us to hear updates on the latest developments coming to VBS4 and VBS Blue IG.

You’ll see demonstrations of VBS4 workflow improvements, the new call for fire and VR tactical planning capabilities in VBS Plan and learn about VBS4’s expanding eXtended Reality (XR) capabilities. We will also discuss our many ongoing technology integrations including

  • RotorLib by RTDynamics for helicopter loadmaster training,
  • FlexAir by SASimulations for high-fidelity ownship flight simulation, and
  • Unreal Engine plugin for the VBS World Server.

The 1.5-hour sessions will start at 8:30 am EST (2:30 pm CET) and 1:00 pm EST (10:00 am PST). The afternoon session will cover the same material as the morning session, so participants only need to sign up for one session on the day.

Register for Wednesday, December 2, Morning Session @ | 8:30 am EST | 2:30 pm CET

Register for Wednesday, December 2, Afternoon Session @ | 1:00 pm EST | 10:00 am PST