By Nicholas Edwards, BISim Technical Project Lead Asia In 1794, the French Aerostatic Corps launched l’Entreprenant, a manned, tethered reconnaissance balloon high above the mass of troops gathering near the Belgian city of Charleroi. During the Battle of Fleurus, l’Entreprenant’s two-man crew of a captain and division commander stayed aloft for nine hours monitoring manoeuvers of 150,000...
By Craig Turner, Business Development Director EMEA “I remember it well, so allow me to set the scene for you. It’s 5 a.m. on a grey and drizzly morning. We’re standing outside the Company armoury to collect our personal weapons, for what will be an awfully long day on the Ranges. It is that time of the year again: The Annual Personal Weapons Test (APWT). As always in the UK when heading out...
By Rusty Orwin, Head of Sales UK & Ireland Modern armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) are highly complex to operate. The insides of these metal monsters are equipped with high-tech turret electronics, complex sensor systems, precision gun sights and periscopes, digital fire controls and active protection systems. The days of a tank just being a tank are long gone. Today you have to train in...
Many years after the widespread adoption of military simulation, defence forces worldwide are still grappling with a “terrain problem.” They have myriad terrain formats for myriad runtimes. GIS specialists are needed to help prepare data from ever-expanding sources to generate new digital terrains. And, the terrain creation process continues to be time consuming and confined to specialist...
The first scene: massive noise and vibration as the entire troop of Main Battle Tanks (MBTs) fires on a lone emerging target. The second scene: a single MBT destroys the lone target with just one hit, and the tank troop rumbles on in perfect formation. The first scene was commonplace as tank units conducted their annual gunnery training live in the days before virtual simulation. (A waste of...