Register Now! Live Briefing Sessions on the Latest Developments in BISim Tech (December 2) With I/ITSEC going virtual, BISim’s annual customer briefing at I/ITSEC will be delivered online as the VBS Tech Conference 2.0 this year on Wednesday, December 2. Join us to hear updates on the latest developments coming to VBS4 and VBS Blue IG. You’ll see demonstrations of VBS4 workflow improvements, the...
Bohemia Interactive Simulations’ (BISim) proudly announces the upcoming release of VBS4 20.1, BISim’s most important software release since 2013. Slated for release the week of August 17, VBS4 20.1 is a full and complete replacement for BISim’s highly successful VBS3 product and starts the next revolution in Virtual Battlespace technology. VBS4 is an easy-to-use, whole-earth...
The BISim Terrain Conference offers defense professionals an opportunity to see the latest modular, cloud-capable technology for creating, editing, enhancing, correlating and managing geospatial source data for military simulation. Hosted by the terrain experts at TerraSim, a BISim company, this 2-day series of presentations and demonstrations will introduce attendees to BISim’s...
0:00 - 1:45 BISim’s Mark Dzulko, Advisor to the Board-Technology, led the 3rd and final day’s sessions of the VBS Technology Conference. Day 3 was geared toward systems integrators and gave attendees a closer look at the flexible and powerful SDKs used to create custom solutions using VBS4, VBS3 and VBS Blue IG. Watch the Day 3 replay on Youtube. 1:46 - 24:14 Ryan Binns, BISim’s SDKs Lead, kicked...
On Day 2 of the VBS Technology Conference, BISim’s Pete Morrison and Martin Kolombo dug deeper into how VBS Plan, VBS Control AI and VBS Geo dramatically increase the speed of scenario creation and terrain creation/modification. Watch the full replay of the session above or click here to watch on Youtube. Register for the final day’s session at this link: