On Day 2 of the VBS Technology Conference, BISim’s Pete Morrison and Martin Kolombo dug deeper into how VBS Plan, VBS Control AI and VBS Geo dramatically increase the speed of scenario creation and terrain creation/modification. Watch the full replay of the session above or click here to watch on Youtube. Register for the final day’s session at this link:
Thanks to all who joined BISim for the first day of the VBS Technology Conference. Our first day’s sessions, led by BISim founder and Chief Commercial Officer Pete Morrison, had hundreds of participants listening in and asking over 130 questions. It was exciting to see so many people engaged in learning more about VBS4. We are working through all the questions and we'll post answers to them...
The majority of today’s existing terrain servers simply provide a mechanism for serving prepared data for visualization to a single runtime format. These servers do not dynamically propagate terrain changes (e.g., craters) to all instances at run-time, they can not take limited terrain data and enhance it (procedural enhancement), nor can they serve correlated data to other runtimes....
We’re sharing an awesome set of new images from VBS4 for you to use as desktop wallpapers. Download them here for free. VBS4 is BISim’s new whole-earth virtual desktop trainer and simulation host. Head over to the product page to learn more about VBS4. You can also find videos about VBS4 on BISim’s Youtube channel...
At I/ITSEC 2019, BISim fielded a five-man team for the inaugural Iron Dev competition, an event similar to a competitive cooking show where teams were given a challenge (to develop a training solution to improve warfighter readiness) and a ‘secret ingredient’ (Iron Man). The teams had three days to develop their solutions using the software and tools provided by event sponsors and presented their...