BISim Invites Presagis Customers to Consider Their Offerings to Replace Unsupported Products

Nov 26, 2023

ORLANDO, USA — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced simulation and training software, will demonstrate its flagship products at I/ITSEC 2023. Many of these reliable and cost-effective solutions can serve the needs of Presagis product users whose products will no longer be supported*.

Users can visit BISim’s booth #1071 at I/ITSEC 2023 to explore the BISim capabilities and leading products that can effectively address mission-critical warfighter requirements. These include VBS, VBS Blue IG, and TerraTools, which are trusted by more than 300 integrators and used in more than 60 NATO and USA/NATO-friendly nations.

Capabilities Being Featured at I/ITSEC

VBS Blue IG with IG Software Development Kit (SDK) is the best-in-class image generator (IG) for day, dusk, and night scenes across multiple synchronized displays. It, like the unsupported Presagis VegaPrime, supports the full spectrum of land, sea, air, and space use cases. Global system integrators’ teams benefit from VBS Blue IG setup tools, and the VBS IG SDK allows faster development, testing, and integration into other simulators. The U.S. Army, Army Aviation and the UK Ministry of Defence already use VBS Blue IG benefiting from its rich visual experience, enormous model library, flexible sensor integration, and quicker operational readiness. VBS Blue IG’s all-new physics-based infrared simulation offers one of the most realistic sensor views ever available in military simulation. Users also get unparalleled access to our VBS content library, which has an extensive collection of more than 19,000 models and continues to grow.

TerraTools empowers users to manage their terrain databases inside their simulation solutions. Like the unsupported Presagis TerraVista, BISim’s TerraTools rapidly creates high-fidelity correlated environments from GIS data, imagery, and 3D models for visual, constructive, and serious game simulation. It imports and exports data across common GIS and simulation formats, including CDB, OpenFlight, OTF, MetaFlight, and FBX, ensuring compatibility with industry-standard terrain formats. This also means TerraTools supports users who employ industry standard data. Our major customers, including the U.S. Department of Defense, NATO Allies, and users in numerous partner nations are highly satisfied with TerraTools’ continuous slew of new features. These features include Batch Mode Manager for rapid automation, enhanced object and lighting placement, and a new Build Heliports node.

VBS4, a tool many Presagis customers already use, is the market-leading virtual and constructive simulation that is easy-to-use, has whole-earth simulation, and fully supports a wide range of military-specific individual and collective training and mission rehearsal use cases. With the built-in VBS Gateway, users can easily connect with other simulation software and systems using DIS and HLA. We’ve recently updated VBS4 new capabilities to train in modern, non-traditional, and classical doctrine fulfilling offensive and defensive tactics. Its best-in-class training and force preparation can vary from trench assaults to fire planning to drone and counter-drone operations, all supported by autonomous tactical AI and the ability to rapidly set-up accurate mission-rehearsal in today’s battlefields. At I/ITSEC, users can see the daily Combined Arms demonstrations at 11 a.m. and 4 p.m., where BISim’s subject matter experts will play out a highly complex Ukraine War-style battle where BluFor assaults a trench line defended by Opfor. The scenario covers mounted and dismounted troops with extensive ISTAR sensor input using networked workstations as well as VR, all powered by VBS4’s state-of-the-art autonomous AI.

* In July 2023, Presagis announced an agreement to sell its Embedded Graphics business to TXT based in Milan, Italy.