Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS and Bohemia Interactive Simulations Join Forces to Provide Simulation Solutions

Sep 25, 2019

ORLANDO, Fla. (USA)Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS (KONGSBERG), Norway’s premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems, and Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced military simulation and training software, have signed a framework agreement to jointly develop simulation solutions for the KONGSBERG PROTECTOR family of Remote Weapon Stations and Medium Caliber Turrets.

Under the agreement, BISim will serve as KONGSBERG’s simulation provider and support KONGSBERG with its flagship products VBS3 and VBS Blue IG as well as the VBS Simulation SDK for the PROTECTOR family of products. BISim will also provide KONGSBERG with training, development and professional services. BISim has significant experience providing simulations solutions, and a solution with PROTECTOR Remote Weapon System is already in use by the Swedish Armed Forces across the country at various training schools for gunnery and tactical training.

“Partnering with Bohemia Interactive Simulations for simulation solutions for the PROTECTOR is a strategic decision for Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace. BISim’s focus on being world leading in simulator technology fits KDA’s vision of supporting our customers with World Class products perfectly. The VBS portfolio will be an important contributor in internal development, supporting new customers and upgrading training systems for existing customers. We are looking forward to developing our relationship with BISim in order to provide our customers with a full scale of simulation and training solutions,” said Arne Gjennestad, Vice President Marketing & Sales, KONGSBERG.

“We’re delighted that KONGSBERG has chosen the proven, modular and future-proof capabilities of VBS3 and VBS Blue IG for their core simulation solutions,” said BISim CEO Arthur Alexion. “BISim’s entire portfolio of products are continuously enhanced and can be applied to a broad spectrum of training simulators. Our partner, KONGSBERG, will be able to pass along cost savings as well as cutting-edge simulation capability to its customers. We look forward to working closely with KONGSBERG to meet their immediate and long-term customer training needs.”

VBS3 provides a virtual training environment for land, air and sea training and mission rehearsal applications. It combines a massive content library, scenario development tools, and after action review capability that immerses trainees in a high-fidelity virtual environment. The vast range of capabilities and functionality in VBS3 has been honed over 18+ years to facilitate fast, accurate scenario set up, reduce negative training, and deliver highly impactful training and mission rehearsal. VBS3 is currently used in hundreds of training use cases by over 50 militaries around the world.

VBS Blue IG is a high-performance, 3D whole-earth image generator designed to support the full spectrum of land, sea, air and space use cases for collective and individual training. VBS Blue IG’s uniquely versatile engine is able to provide new training capability for military and defense organizations to visualize and rehearse complex joint military operations anywhere in the world. It is already in use on dozens of defense industry projects ranging from VR-based flight and air crew training to multichannel simulation for JTAC/FAC training.

About Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defense and civilian organizations. Our mission is to harness the explosive potential of technology to revolutionize training and simulation.

BISim utilizes the latest game-based technology and a large, experienced in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications.

About Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace AS

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is Norway's premier supplier of defence and aerospace-related systems. The portfolio comprises products and systems for command and control, weapons guidance and surveillance, communications solutions and missiles.

Kongsberg Defence & Aerospace is the world leading provider of PROTECTOR Remote Weapon Stations and remote controlled Medium Caliber Turrets. Close to 20,000 PROTECTOR RWS systems have been delivered to 19 nations worldwide, with more than 16,000 to the U.S. Armed Forces alone, most through the U.S. Army CROWS program. The U.S. Army also equipped their first Stryker Brigade with the KONGSBERG Medium Caliber Turret, which is now in operational use.