The Netherlands Acquire Enterprise License for VBS4

Nov 30, 2021

ORLANDO, Fla. (USA) — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced military simulation and training software, announced at I/ITSEC 2021 that the Netherlands MOD acquired an enterprise license of VBS4. The enterprise license provides the Netherlands’ military forces across the country and at their international locations with full access to BISim’s easy-to-use, whole-earth virtual and constructive desktop trainer and simulation host.

The Netherlands’ military has long been on the leading edge of virtual training, having first purchased an enterprise license of VBS2 in 2011 after several years of deploying the software on a smaller scale. They continued to expand their use of virtual training with an upgrade to VBS3, including several extensions of their enterprise license and maintenance through the years. The Netherlands also contracted BISim to develop new specialized 3D content and capabilities in support of their training requirements.

Increasing VBS3 usage within the Netherlands military led to VBS3 being secured within the Dutch Defense IT infrastructure via a specially set-up internal project. Using decentralized server elements, VBS3’s implementation was optimized and the Dutch MOD’s project team is looking forward to implementing VBS4 into the IT infrastructure as well.

“VBS4’s remarkably realistic graphical fidelity engages and immerses personnel in training, so they can gain the readiness and repetitions needed to achieve mission success,” said Major Leon van der Heijden from the Dutch MOD Joint IT Command. “VBS4 enables its users to rapidly enhance its baseline global terrain with geo data from mission areas, thereby helping our military’s goal to conduct more mission-specific, pre-deployment training.”

VBS4 is packed with capabilities to support large-scale, combined arms virtual scenarios and hundreds of authentic military training uses. It allows users to create and run a vast range of military training scenarios anywhere on Earth.

BISim Business Development Manager Sven Lippmann said, “The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on live training has underscored the value of innovation and adaptation for maintaining readiness when disruptions occur. The Netherlands are a model for how to best use virtual simulation to train realistically and cost-effectively to overcome the limitations of traditional training. We’re honored to continue our long-standing support of the Dutch forces' efforts to expand and increase the use of virtual training.”

The enterprise license also provides the Netherlands with access to BISim’s VBS Simulation SDK, which includes a library of APIs and source code allowing developers to customize virtually every aspect of VBS4 to produce custom applications. Additionally, through the enterprise license, Netherlands’ military users have access to BISim’s VBS4 Bundle, providing additional modules to enhance VBS4’s capabilities.


Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defense and civilian organizations. BISim utilizes the latest game-based technology and a 200-strong, in-house team of engineers to develop high-fidelity, cost-effective training and simulation software products and components for defense applications. BISim’s technology has recently been selected as the core simulation, visualization and terrain management software for US Army’s 2025 and beyond simulation capability.

Globally, many 100s of thousands of military personnel are trained every year using VBS software products. More than 60 NATO and NATO-friendly countries and over 300 integrators/prime contractors use VBS technology, many making significant funding commitments to extend VBS product capabilities alongside BISim’s internal investment program. Customers include the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Australian Defence Force, Swedish Armed Forces, French MoD and UK MoD and most major integrators. VBS products have become, by far, the world’s most widely used COTS product range in the military-simulation sector, supporting hundreds of military use cases and with vastly greater military exploitation than any comparable products.