QuantaDyn to upgrade UK Mobile JTAC Training System with VBS Blue IG

May 14, 2019

ASHBURN, VA QuantaDyn Corporation (QuantaDyn) announces it will upgrade the UK’s customized version of their QFires Joint Fires Mobile Trainer (JFMT) to VBS Blue IG, by Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim). VBS Blue IG is a high-performance, CIGI-compliant, 3D whole-earth image generator designed to support the full spectrum of land, sea, air and space use cases for collective and individual training. The JFMT is a self-contained mobile classroom which arrives as a fully equipped immersive environment to train JTACs, FACs, and JFOs.

Elbit Systems was awarded the Close Air Simulation and Support System (CAS&S) contract by the Ministry of Defence, 1st Artillery Brigade. Under the contract QuantaDyn provides a fully accredited training system housed in a road-legal trailer, while Elbit Systems UK provides all incountry instructional training and logistics.

Based on the latest UK Joint Service Publication (JSP) 918 Joint Terminal Attack Controller Policy, the JFMT is accredited by the Joint Air Land Organization (JALO) for training mission scenarios including Type I, II, III, LASER, Day, Night aided, and Night unaided.

Designed to accommodate mission briefs, during action reviews (DAR),and after-action reviews (AAR), a four-person brief/debrief area features a large screen monitor displaying briefing material and recorded missions for after action review.

Immersive Display Systems, Incorporated (IDSI) provided the 1.8-meter diameter dome with 220° x 58° FOV. Within the dome, a full suite of virtual, simulated, and form-fit-function devices emulate the latest Surveillance and Target Acquisition (STA) equipment in service with the UK MOD.

Included are emulations of:

  • LF28A Laser Target Designator
  • Stabilized Portable Optical Target -Tracking Receiver (SPOTTR)
  • Military Binoculars
  • Infrared Zoom Laser Illuminator -Designator (IZLID) 1000P
  • Long Range Thermal Viewer (LRTV)
  • Defence Advanced GPS Receiver (DAGR)
  • Rover IV Video Downlink Receiver
  • PRC-152 and PRX117G Radios

As with all QuantaDyn QFires products, the JFMT is designed to be agnostic with respect to Computer Generated Forces (CGFS) and Image Generators (IGs). For the 1st Arty system, the Modern Air Combat Environment (MACE) from Battlespace Simulations was chosen to provide the physics-based battle environment with both ground and airborne entities, while VBS Blue IG from Bohemia Interactive Simulations is being installed to provide high fidelity, real-time graphics.

Rusmat Ahmed, BISim’s Senior VP Sales, EMEA, said: “BISim is delighted that QuantaDyn has decided to upgrade the QFires JFMT to VBS Blue IG. Being a worldwide leader in JTAC trainers, QuantaDyn demands the highest quality and flexibility in the image generator technology it delivers to customers. We are proud to serve both QuantaDyn and, indirectly, the UK MoD with our cutting edge VBS Blue IG product. VBS Blue IG complies with the most challenging IG use cases, such as fully accredited JTAC training, enabling our integrator partners to serve customers and users who have the most rigorous of requirements.”

QuantaDyn’s President Bill Dunn said: “Our partnership with Bohemia Interactive Simulations reinforces QuantaDyn’s commitment to deliver high fidelity and high performance training to the warfighter. QuantaDyn continue to deliver recognized and accredited Joint Fires training which is known globally as proven, reliable, interoperable, scalable and modular.”

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