TerraTools 23.1 - Software Release from BISim

Oct 04, 2023

ORLANDO, USA— Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced military simulation and training software, is announcing the latest release of its virtual terrain generation software, TerraTools 23.1. This update is available to all TerraTools customers with active maintenance and support contracts. Current users can download the software installer and read the release notes on the support site.

In the latest release, TerraTools 23.1 supports the most recent VBS Blue runtimes, including VBS4 23.1 and VBS Blue IG 23.1, through an updated Export VBS Blue Source node. This release also covers many new features and enhancements including:

Main Application

  • Support for Windows 11: TerraTools supports the Windows 11 operating system ensuring compatibility with current computing environments.
  • New Build Heliports Node: The new Build Heliports Node enables users to create virtual helipads with the necessary markings that are compatible with the various virtual simulation environments or runtimes supported by TerraTools. It simplifies the process of creating realistic helipads for various applications within TerraTools.
  • Export Models Node Improvements: The Export Models Node now supports the FBX format a standard file format in 3D modeling and animation, that enables efficient workflows and greater flexibility when working with TerraTools-generated models in multiple applications.

Batch Mode Manager
Batch Mode Manager is a component of TerraTools that allows users to automate and manage batch processing tasks making it easier to process large volumes of data, simulations, or other operations in a batch or automated fashion. Some of the new features introduced in the Batch Mode Manager are:

  • New Thin Host Option: This feature allows remote Batch Mode Manager projects to execute locally on the user’s machine for faster processing.
  • New Phase Requirements Section: A new phase requirements section is introduced in the "Add a New Phase" dialog. This feature allows users to specify system requirements for remote clients during different project phases helping optimize load balancing for more efficient processing.
  • New Batch Commands: The new batch commands in TerraTools enable associating specific geographical coordinates with S2 tiles making it easier to manage and work with complex geospatial data. S2 tiles represent specific geographic areas and are widely used in geospatial applications. Additionally, a new batch command allows for the restart of individual nodes in the Batch Mode Manager in the event of a node failure enhancing overall project reliability.

VBS Blue Source Plug-in
The TerraTools VBS Blue Source Plug-in is a software component that integrates TerraTools with VBS Blue, enabling seamless data exchange and compatibility between the two platforms. Features of the plug-in include:

  • Enhanced Compatibility with VBS Suite: TerraTools is compatible with the latest VBS4 23.1 and VBS Blue IG 23.1 with the help of enhancements made to the Export VBS Blue Source node. It also supports VBS World Server 23.1 through improvements to the Publish to VWS node and it integrates with Geo Project 1.2 (the version used by VBS4 23.1) using the updated Import Geo Project nodes.
  • Enhanced Export VBS Blue Source Node Properties: The Export VBS Blue Source node in TerraTools now has more settings and options that allow users to control how models are viewed, improve data processing speed, and have more control over the alignment and positioning of objects in exported data.
  • Enhanced Publish-to-VWS Node Properties: This feature allows users to control data transfers. It enables the automatic creation of entries for terrain data in the VBS World Server's Data Management tab simplifying the process of managing published terrain.
  • Enhanced Lighting and Object Placement: The VBS Blue Source Plug-in now includes an updated static light animation system allowing users to modify the settings of lights associated with existing objects helping users fine-tune lighting effects in a 3-D or graphics environment.

    Another new feature added is support for irregular removal regions that can help prevent issues such as slivers that may occur during reprojection processes.

    The updated VBS Blue Source Plug-in allows new attribution options for precisely placing biome objects such as trees, bushes, or grass models, improving the precision of the software when working with lighting, data manipulation, and object placement.

To learn more about these new features and how they can benefit your virtual training experience, reach out to our sales team at sales@bisimulations.com.

About BISim

Founded in 2001, Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a wholly owned subsidiary of BAE Systems, Inc, is a global software company at the forefront of simulation and training solutions for defense and civilian organizations.

Globally, many hundreds of thousands of military personnel are trained every year using BISim’s high-fidelity VBS software products. More than 60 NATO and NATO-friendly countries, and over 300 integrators/prime contractors use VBS technology, many making significant funding commitments to extend VBS product capabilities. BISim’s customers include the U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, Canadian Armed Forces, UK MOD, French Army, Bundeswehr, Swedish Armed Forces, Australian Defence Force, New Zealand Defence Force and many major system integrators.