VBS3 v18.3.4 Patch Enhances Radio Capabilities, Provides High-Detail Engineering Vehicle Models, and Offers New Terrains for Virtual Training

Apr 26, 2019

ORLANDO, Florida (USA) — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced military simulation and training software, has released a patch to VBS3 v18.3 that includes improvements to VBS Radio, the radio and voice communications included with VBS3, along with new high-detailed 3D model content including UK and Russian military vehicles and new terrains. The patch VBS3 v18.3.4 is available for download through the VBS License Manager.

The VBS3 v18.3.4 patch includes performance, stability and usability enhancements to VBS Radio. The patch also provides an import tool that enables users to input radio settings from VBS3 v18.2 into VBS3 v18.3. Additionally, the patch provides the option to revert to using the VBS Radio v18.2, if desired.

The release also includes new high-detailed military vehicle content, created for the UK MOD. These include the following 3D models:

  • The CRAVLB Titan, the British Army’s bridge-laying vehicle: The model can deploy bridges on sloping and uneven terrain in VBS3. It also allows several bridges to be stacked on top of one another to create a larger bridge.
  • The CRAVRE Trojan: The model allows mine clearance with the plough, lane marking and provides basic excavator arm functionality.
  • Variants of the MAN/Rheinmetall Military Vehicles Support Vehicle fleet: the UST, EPLS, and CAMM.
  • The British Army’s Wildcat AH.1 helicopter and the Royal Navy’s HMA.2 helicopter.
  • A set of new Russian vehicles: BMP-T, Kurganets-25, Bumerang, KAMAZ Typhoon, Ural Typhoon, GAZ Tigr, Ural 5323, and KAMAZ 6350.

In addition to new vehicle models, the VBS3 v18.3.4 patch offers 3 new optional terrains for download. The new terrains include:

  • Salisbury Plain (a 76.8 x 76.8 km terrain centered around the British Army’s training villages of Imber and Copehill Down),
  • RAF Waddington (a 20 x 20 km terrain Royal Air Force base) and
  • RAF Akrotiri (a 15 x 15 km terrain representing the Royal Air Force station on the island of Cyprus).

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