Press Releases

Bohemia Interactive Simulations will start sales of Varjo HMDs immediately to its customers in Australia and New Zealand, expanding its enterprise portfolio of VR and XR solutions for training & simulation Helsinki, Finland / Melbourne, Australia – Varjo, the leader in industrial-grade VR/XR headsets, today announced the expansion of its value-added reseller network in the Asia-Pacific region...
For the Scottish and North Irish Yeomanry (SNIY), operating under COVID-19 restrictions has opened their eyes to the potential of distributed virtual training. The SNIY is the British Army’s newest combat Regiment. Their main role is as light cavalry using the Jackal light armoured vehicle. “We’ve been aware of VBS3 as DVS and how the British Army uses it, but we only really started using it...
ORLANDO, Fla. (USA) — Designed to replicate ITEC for Bohemia Interactive Simulations customers, the VBS Technology Conference is a 3-day series of presentations and live demonstrations highlighting the latest developments in VBS4, VBS Blue IG and our suite of developer tools. In these one-hour presentations, we’ll give live demos of our products and we’ll invite you to ask questions of...
The impact of COVID-19 is being felt all over the world. BISim would like to reassure our customers and partners that all interactions with BISim will be robust and fully operational, other than face-to-face meetings. Specifically, the BISim software support and professional services team is able to answer all relevant support tickets, all active development projects are expected to deliver on...
ORLANDO, Fla. (USA) — Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), a global developer of advanced military simulation and training software, announced today the release of VBS Blue IG 20.1, which includes the latest updates to the company’s high-performance, 3D whole-earth image generator. Customers can download VBS Blue IG 20.1 with VBS License Manager or contact