Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
Armored Vehicle Training
Apr 2015

Known internationally for its armored vehicle systems, Rheinmetall Defence Electronics has developed the Combat and Gunnery Skills Trainer (CGST) to support the training of crews for armored vehicles. The CGST is a reconfigurable and modular training system that is adaptable to virtually any armored and armed platform. It consists of an instructor station, a generic driver station, and a turret crew compartment. In its current configuration, the CGST represents the Leopard 2A4 main battle tank, and is in use in Canada and Indonesia.

VBS3 provides the CGST AAA-quality, game-based visualization, offering high-fidelity graphics for detailed scenarios including urban warfare, combat in open terrain, and other military operations.

“CGST is a modular and flexible system and can be scaled simply according to the training needs,” said Hans-Heinrich Meyer, Senior Vice President Land Simulation. “Combined with the power of VBS3 as the visual system, CGST provides a highly scalable simulator system that allows customers to reuse existing VBS2 and VBS3 databases, saving them time and reducing development costs while providing more realistic visualizations.”

CGST can be configured as a single gunnery training system and up to a full network of company or beyond. This is achieved by exploiting the intrinsic networking capabilities of the system which also allows flexible setups.

According to Hans-Heinrich Meyer, the fidelity of the crew training station can be freely chosen according to the needs and the training philosophy of the training administrators. In addition, different stations with different fidelities can be intermixed in a network, as the underlying simulation software is the same and always has the same functionality.

By using VBS3, CGST users can access a wide range of 3D armored vehicle models, from main battle tanks to infantry fighting vehicles, enabling further flexibility to training administrators looking simulate a wide range of targets and situations in the virtual battlespace.

For more information on the CGST, contact simulation-systems@rheinmetall.com.

To learn more about Rheinmetall's CGST, click here.

Tools Used
Combat and Gunnery Skills Trainer Tools

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Sophisticated ORBAT editor for exercise creation up to battalion level
  • Sophisticated ORBAT editor for exercise creation up to battalion level
  • Adaptable to virtually any armoured and armed platform
  • Superb graphics from VBS2/3 and Rheinmetall’s scenario generator allows for highly detailed scenarios
  • Turret crew compartment

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