BISim Recommends Immediate Download of Latest Version of WIBU Systems Codemeter

WIBU Systems recently notified Bohemia Interactive Simulations of a potential security issue related to WIBU’s CodeMeter licensing system, which is used for BISim product licensing. According to WIBU’s security advisory, “in order to exploit vulnerabilities, attackers must either have access to the system itself or access to a system on the same network.”

BISim recommends customers promptly download and install, for all computers which have BISim products deployed, the latest version of WIBU CodeMeter to address this issue.


WIBU Codemeter: Customers can download the latest WIBU CodeMeter software (ca. 50 MB) directly from BISim, linked below.

This link will automatically start the download, it will not direct to any website. During the installation process, please use all ‘default’ options in the installation wizard.

To read more details about WIBU security updates, please see:

Additionally, BISim has published a new version of the VBS License Manager (VBSLM) which contains the new WIBU CodeMeter 7.10a. When connected to the internet, VBSLM will display a message asking to update to the newest version. BISim will also be glad to assist with download links for the VBSLM, please contact our Support.

If you have any questions regarding this issue or the download, please contact [email protected].


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