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Civilian character models


Planes and unmanned vehicles


Wheeled vehicles


A Massive 3D Model Library

The VBS 3d model library is vast and varied, offering users access to over 16,000 characters, vehicles, weapons, and environmental models. The VBS development suite includes Oxygen 2 to make and import custom models. BISimTM has worked closely with military customers, including the U.S., NATO and Allied forces, and commercial organizations who have sought new 3D models to use for training.

Highly Detailed and Accurate

Our technical artists create high-quality, accurate and functional 3d models of environmental objects, human characters, vehicles, and weapons.

VBS3 leverages Nvidia PhysX to provide more accurate physics-based interactions. Our artists create vehicles and people with realistic heat signatures for various optical views such as night vision. We frequently collaborate closely with subject matter experts and conduct our own research to ensure accuracy of our 3d models.

ADF Bushmaster in VBS3 for vehicle simulation
CV90 3D model in VBS3 for Swedish Armed Forces training
UK MOD 3D model content for defence virtual simulation;
US Army Stryker for driver and gunnery trainingc
US Army high detail models in VBS
US Navy aircraft carrier 3D model

Modular Technology

VBS3 includes a new weapons creation system that allows administrators to customize attachments including lasers and optics for weapons, preview the weapon in a new 3D user interface, and immediately apply these custom configured weapons to scenarios in real time.

3D Environmental Models and Terrains

The VBS model content library features a wide range of buildings, trees, ammo crates, road signs and many other 3d environmental models to populate scenes and make more immersive training scenarios. VBS3 includes a variety of geo-typical terrains and includes tools for developing and importing geo-specific terrains. Available separately for purchase with VBS3, the Chernarus terrain, originally created for Arma 2 and updated for Bohemia Interactive’s award-winning open world survival game DayZ, spans 236 km² and offers a detailed and varied terrain, with a mix of forests, hills, mountains, shorelines, urban areas, rural villages, a dense network of roads, harbors, and marshlands fed by small creeks.

For the creation of correlated, custom and geo-specific terrain databases in VBS3, TerraSim, a BISimTM company, is advancing the creation of larger and more complex terrains with its next iteration of its software TerraTools 5. TerraTools is a complete environment development system that uses cartographic source data to rapidly and automatically generate high-fidelity 3D environments for constructive, visual and serious games runtimes.