Rapid and Automated Creation of Correlated Terrains for Simulation

TerraTools, the industry-leading terrain generation software is used to rapidly develop high-fidelity, geo-specific environments for defense simulation, training and experimentation.


TerraTools®, the military simulation and training industry's leading virtual terrain generation software, rapidly constructs high-fidelity correlated environments from a variety of input GIS data, imagery, and 3D models for visual, constructive, and serious game simulation. Specializing in rapid and automated terrain construction, the TerraTools project flow graph allows you to compile and publish correlated terrain for use across many third-party runtimes including JCATS, JSAF, MASA SWORD, OTBSAF, OneSAF, OpenFlight, OpenSceneGraph, Unity, VBS3, VBS4, VBS Blue IG, and more.


Key Features

TerraTools provides all of the standard geospatial data processing capabilities necessary to create high fidelity 3D visualizations. Key TerraTools capabilities include:

Correlated Terrain Development

Supporting correlation across a wide range of runtimes, TerraTools is the market leader in correlated terrain output. Develop and export from a single project to multiple correlated terrain exports.


Automated Generation

TerraTools comes with a complete set of tools for the automated generation of content including fully-destructible buildings with complex interiors, large-scale road networks with AI navigation, and complex bodies of water.


Flexible & Reusable

Configure TerraTools projects to process specific geospatial source data. Make incremental updates to an existing project to further enhance and refine the environment, then reuse as templates to fast-track future terrain production.

Extensive File Format Support

Import and export a wide range of elevation data, satellite imagery, and vector data with varying fidelity, scale, and coordinate system information.


Viewing & Editing Tools Included

Use built-in tools to quick-start projects; create, edit, and view geospatial data; edit and view textures and models; monitor progress and preview the environment as you transition from source data to the final terrain output.


Scalability for Large Terrain Production

Automate the generation of very large environments. Batch Mode Manager assists with tile-based terrain generation. Distributed Processing instances lets users scale up production using all resources on a single workstation, on a local network, or in the cloud.

TerraTools Software Bundles Compared

TerraTools Core Affordable standard set of features for OpenFlight terrain generation.

TerraTools VBS Includes all components needed to support large-scale terrain generation for all BISimTM runtimes.

TerraTools Gov Fully-featured production environment for a wide range of standard runtimes, suitable for government and defense contractors.

TerraTools Max Includes every component offered for maximum support of simulation systems.

TT Core
TT Gov
TT Max
Main App
3D Building Generation
Main App
Road, Bridge, Tunnel Generation
Main App
GIS Vector Editor
Main App
Scripting Interface Solution
Main App
3D Terrain Preview
Main App
Model and Material Library
Main App
Batch Mode Manager
Distributed Processing Instances
Xtract Legacy Database Reader
Data Prep
CDB Import
CDB Export
Unreal/Unity (FBX) Export
OpenFlight Export
VBS3 Export
VBS Blue Source (VBS4, VBS Blue IG)
CTDB Export
JCATS Export
OneSAF Export
OpenSceneGraph Export
S1000 Export
X-Plane Export
MASA Sword Export
Steel Beasts Pro Export

Included in the bundleAvailable as an upgradeNot available with this bundle

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Data Preparation Tools


DEMTools is stand-alone application that merges, refines, and manipulates digital elevation models (DEMs).

DEMTools allows users to fuse multiple elevation files, perform elevation matching to fix misaligned data, and to accurately merge coastal and bathymetric DEMs.


Xtract is a stand-alone application for automated extraction of geospatial data and model content from legacy terrains to industry standard GIS and model formats for reuse.

Xtract supports OneSAF, CTDB, OpenFlight, and OpenSceneGraph legacy terrain formats and allows the reuse of terrain information for updating and correcting existing terrains or producing correlated terrains in additional formats using TerraTools.

Building Designer

Building Designer, sold separately, is a stand-alone application that uses an intuitive 2D interface to simplify the construction of VBS3 building models.

Start with 2D floor plans and quickly design buildings with enterable spaces, functional doors, and ruins models. No 3D modeling or VBS3 expertise is required.


MaterialMAP, sold separately, is a stand-alone application that couples supervised image classification with a unique understanding of simulation runtime needs.

The resulting surface material maps are used in simulations to determine entity mobility and routing and to stimulate sensor views.


Product Support & Pro Services

BISimTM offers a support package that entitles license holders to upgrades, essential support services and access to BISim’s customer portal. We also offer professional services hours to help customers develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique requirements.

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