Powerful Tools to Configure and Customize Your IG

VBS IG SDK allows developers to customize and extend VBS Blue IG by providing a framework and suite of tools.

Open and Modular Development Framework

VBS IG SDK includes a library of APIs and source code allowing developers and integrators to customize virtually every aspect of VBS Blue IG and produce custom applications. The APIs form a modular C plug-in architecture that enable developers to integrate third-party technologies effectively and efficiently.


Whole Earth Rendering for Any Simulator

VBS IG SDK includes the VBS Blue IG runtime for development. VBS Blue IG provides high-fidelity and high-performance rendering from space down to blades of grass for all training domains. Using the Common Image Generator Interface (CIGI) standard, VBS Blue IG integrates with existing host software including VBS4 and VBS3. TerraTools from TerraSim, a BISimTM company, makes it easy to add new high-resolution terrain areas and custom data sets to VBS Blue IG.

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Full Control Over VBS Blue IG Features

VBS IG SDK provides developers with low-level access to manipulating the VBS Blue IG visual scene by offering full control over environmental parameters, the movement and animation of existing VBS model content, positioning and attaching cameras, as well as providing an easy-to-use two-dimensional screen drawing API.

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Product Support & Pro Services

BISimTM offers a support package that entitles license holders to upgrades, essential support services and access to BISim’s customer portal. We also offer professional services hours to help customers develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique requirements.

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