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VBS3 provides a comprehensive virtual training environment for tactical training, experimentation and mission rehearsal for land, sea and air.

What is VBS3?

Military simulation. Multiplayer, virtual training environment. Development platform for modeling and simulation uses. Based on commercial game technologies, VBS3 has evolved over more than 15 years into a comprehensive desktop trainer and mission rehearsal platform, adapted for hundreds of discrete training uses by militaries in over 50 countries.


Cost Effective and Comprehensive

With over 16,000 detailed models of military and civilian vehicles, weapons, and characters, VBS3 is a virtual sandbox, which reduces development costs associated with deploying a desktop training solution.

Full of Features and Capabilities

VBS3 combines a massive content library, scenario development tools, and after action review capability that immerses trainees in a high-fidelity, multiplayer virtual environment. It includes a user-friendly application that allows for interoperability with external HLA/DIS networks and host computers that use the CIGI protocol, a robust DIS-enabled voice communications system, and a mission planning tool for adding military markings to scenarios.

Massive 3D Model Library

Massive 3D Model Library

Scenario Creation & Editing Tools

Scenario Creation & Editing Tools

After Action Review

After Action Review

Ready to Run, Yet Customizable

Simply load VBS3 onto a PC and use the supplied tools and models to set up a scenario and start training. VBS3 also features built-in development tools to customize models and import your own models and terrains.

Desktop Training

VBS in Action | Desktop Training

The U.S. Army’s “Games for Training” program of record needed a first-person desktop training solution that is flexible and versatile. The Army awarded BISim and partners a contract to deliver VBS3 as the training solution.

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Versatile Training Uses

Shaped and refined by over 15 years of customer feedback, VBS3 is the de facto standard in game-based military simulation and meets hundreds of training use cases.
The training uses below are just a snapshot of what you can use VBS3 for.

  • IED training
  • Driver training
  • UAS training
  • Route clearance
  • Crew training
  • Surveillance systems
  • Enemy mindset training
  • Convoy training
  • Sensor training
  • Vehicle ID
  • Gunnery training
  • FO/FAC training
  • Vehicle check point
  • Crew served weapons
  • Engineer training
  • Aircraft mission simulation
Versatile Training Uses

Product Support & Pro Services

BISim offers a support package that entitles license holders to upgrades, essential support services and access to BISim’s customer portal. We also offer professional services hours to help customers develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique requirements.

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