VBS4 Bundle

VBS4 Bundle

Unlock premium features of VBS4 for enhanced training and simulation

The VBS4 Bundle supercharges your training experience by offering advanced features, greater collaboration opportunities, and wider training capabilities.


Why VBS4 Bundle?

VBS4 offers an enormously broad range of features which fully supports 200+ training use cases. VBS4 Bundle offers a number of premium features that expand VBS4’s capabilities even further - advanced CAS and radio features, overlay sharing and runtime Microsoft Bing terrain data support. Further features will be added in future releases, accessible to all VBS4 Bundle customers on active support.

VBS Close Air Support (CAS)

VBS Close Air Support (CAS) provides a simulated Air Operations Center (AOC) for VBS4, accessible via the VBS Plan interface, to set up and enable Close Air Support (CAS) training. It enables units to practice the correct procedures and event sequences when requesting and executing Close Air Support with fixed and rotary wing aircraft. VBS CAS features include:

  • New “spline-based” deterministic aircraft flight models, allowing precise control of aircraft and re-routing
  • No fire and no fly zones support with event reporting
  • After Action Review (AAR) support for assessing trainee performance
  • Integration with broader VBS Plan capability (maneuvers, fire missions) to facilitate combined arms planning

VBS Radio Pro (also available independent of the Bundle)

VBS Radio Pro enables radio and direct voice communications between users in VBS4 training exercises with unlimited channels and filterable voice playback for After Action Review. VBS Radio Pro features include:

  • Unlimited radio channels and types
  • Configurable radio network presets, enabling users to customize channel names, colors, icons and enable saving and loading of radio networks per mission
  • Radio degradation that can also be influenced by weather, distance and terrain obstruction

Watch the video here and learn more about VBS Radio Pro.

Overlay Sharing within VBS Plan

Overlay sharing allows users to share VBS Plan drawings with other VBS4 users on the network. This allows different planning "cells" to draw separate plan layers and rapidly create complex plans.


Microsoft Bing Terrain Data Support

VBS4 Bundle’s Bing support allows customers to use a Microsoft Bing API* key to stream Bing data into VBS4. This provides high detail Bing map satellite and 3D photogrammetry data that can be directly used in simulation as shown here.

*API key must be acquired directly from Microsoft.


Product Support & Pro Services

BISimTM offers a support package that entitles license holders to upgrades, essential support services and access to BISim’s customer portal. We also offer professional services hours to help customers develop cost-effective solutions to meet their unique requirements.

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