BISim Orlando Team Showcases VBS3, Oculus at Orlando’s Otronicon

Jan 22, 2016
Otronicon at the Orlando Science Center

A group of developers with BISim’s Orlando Team showcased VBS3 this year for the first time at Orlando’s Otronicon, a local event designed to “celebrate how digital media technologies impact the way we live, learn, work and play.” The event is held annually at the Orlando Science Center and features a range of exhibits, classes, and speakers from the tech industry. 

“This was a great way to engage with the local community,” said Kevin Killoran, Orlando’s lead designer. “Our booth really showed off the strength of our technology and we didn’t do canned demos, but crafted scenarios for attendees on the fly.“

“We got a lot of positive feedback from our Oculus Rift integration with VBS3,” added Kevin. 

In addition to giving attendees a chance to experience how the military trains with VBS3, BISim’s Vice President of Global Contracts Eva Saravia participated in a panel titled “Women in Tech.” 

“The panel was about STEM education and our individual experiences in STEM fields,” Eva said. “We discussed how to encourage girls to pursue STEM and the challenges unique to being women in tech.” Eva’s participation coincided with a published Huffington Post blog about her experience as a woman in the tech industry. Read her blog post here

BISim Orlando staff at Otronicon
Otronicon Participants Check Out VBS3