The Art of VBS: HD ASLAV 25

Oct 10, 2016

BISim Senior Artist Allan Campbell recently created a new, high-detail version of VBS3’s ASLAV 25 model which was demonstrated at Australian Simulation Congress in Melbourne. Allan, who is based in BISim’s Australia office, created the model with Modo. It was initially textured in Modo and then finished in Substance Painter and Photoshop. The model uses normal, specular and ambient occlusion texture maps, and has a total polygon count of 89000 triangles in the 1st resolution LOD. Intricate detail was captured and baked down to the VBS3 model by first creating a very high detail version of the ASLAV, with a polygon count of 724531.

For the new model, Allan developed a new method for simulating reflective periscope glass, which can be seen in various shades of red to pink in the images shown here. Allan achieved this by using a specifically created environment texture, which is referenced by an Rvmat material file with specific settings. 

“The hardest part of the modeling was making sense of the very complex interior from reference imagery, especially in areas not well represented in the reference imagery, but also in gauging dimensions of the various interior bits and pieces,” Allan said. Another challenge was “deciding what should and shouldn’t be modelled while still giving a reasonably realistic representation of the interior without going crazy with the polygon count.”

BISim features thousands of accurately detailed vehicle models, which can be developed in third-party modeling software and imported into VBS3. If you are looking to add high detail interiors and custom models in VBS3, contact


ASLAV highly detailed 3D model
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model
ASLAV Bushmaster 3D models
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model reflective periscope glass
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model MODO
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model interior
ASLAV highly detailed 3D model interior



Oct 21, 2016 by  TomV
Very nice!
Oct 27, 2016 by  AllanC
Thanks Tom

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