Latest VBS3 Release Includes Performance Improvements, New Environmental Features

Feb 03, 2016

In late December, BISim announced the availability of VBS3 v3.8.1 for download. In our last newsletter, we provided a high-level overview of some of the new features and capabilities in our latest version such as expanded administrator controls, added functionality for the after action review and loads of new vehicles, characters and weapons. But there’s more. 

This month we’re highlighting several other new additions to VBS3 v3.8.1 that continue to improve VBS performance and create a richer training environment. 

Performance optimizations

The BISim development team increased the performance for scenarios with hundreds of externally controlled vehicles. This is especially important where our customers use VBS IG and VBS3 for interoperability. In addition, our developers implemented optimizations for shaders (especially for grass rendering) with significant gains. The team also increased performance for scenarios with many particles sources such as many moving vehicles and explosions. 

Improved destructible buildings

We’ve developed new destructible building simulation that now have explosion force physics applied to it. This means that when destructible building models designed to use the simulation break apart, fragments from the building will be sent flying from the explosion and can hurt or kill units in its path and units positioned behind large objects are protected from damage. The new simulation can be applied to new destructible building models in VBS3. In addition, the performance of destructible buildings has been optimized for multiplayer scenarios. Now you can destroy more buildings, while losing less visual performance throughout the stages of destruction. 

Water, water everywhere

BISim developers have implemented a new flood modification tool that gives administrators and scenario developers the ability to create ponds, lakes, marshes and other features on terrains. 

Within VBS3, we’ve created multiple variants of sea ice objects. We’ve also updated simulation of rotor wash for helicopters over water that generate particles on the water and around a ship when taking off and landing. 

Trench repairs

In version 3.8.1., we’ve fixed several bugs related to trench objects. Trench simulation has been improved so that PhysX vehicles will get stuck when driving over trenches. Throwing grenades is now possible from inside trenches with the aiming line continuing beyond the top of the trench. 

We’ve added multiple color variants of the Oostdorp trench and our team made several fixes specific to the Oostdorp trench, including 

  • AI above trenches no longer ignore units inside, 
  • it’s now possible to pass by another unit in the trench, 
  • soldiers fall in when attempting to crawl over trenches, 
  • it’s no longer possible to climb in or out through a closed hatch of a trench, 
  • and units are no longer moved to the surface when going prone in a trench.  

Read our VBS3 v3.8.1 Release Notes and Change log for a comprehensive list of new features, capabilities and fixes.