VBS3 v17.4 Available for Download Now — Expands Customization for Ballistics, Adds New Detailed Vehicle Models and Updates Flight Dynamics Model

Dec 13, 2017

ORLANDO, Fla. (USA) — Bohemia Interactive Simulations, a global developer of advanced military simulation and training software, has released the latest version of Virtual Battlespace 3 (VBS3). The latest update, VBS3 v17.4, is now available for customers. 

VBS3 provides a virtual training environment for land, air and sea training and mission rehearsal applications. It combines a massive content library, scenario development tools, and after action review capability that immerses trainees in a high-fidelity virtual environment.

“VBS3 is constantly being enhanced and our latest release provides added flexibility and customization,” said Otakar Nieder, Senior Director of Development for BISim. “Customer development projects and significant internal investments drive continued performance, robustness and capability improvements in the VBS3 baseline.”

The latest version expands the ability to customize and create more accurate ballistics and damage within VBS3. This includes rebalancing explosives, based on real-world data, in VBS3 to increase accuracy and produce more consistent results for both small and large explosives. VBS3 also now includes the option to simulate additional factors affecting ballistics including air temperature, air pressure, and powder temperature. Wind speed and wind direction have affected ballistics in VBS3 since v3.9.2.

VBS3 v17.4 also allows greater customization of AI entities’ shooting accuracy. A new slider has been added to the AI rules of engagement editor object that provides control of infantry shot dispersion. In addition, VBS3 v17.4 also enables users to customize advanced wounding examination and treatment times.

With v17.4, users now have “Undo” functionality in the Offline Mission Editor, which allows users to undo/redo the position of objects, orientation of objects and terrain modifications.

From BISim’s work with the Swedish Armed Forces, VBS3 v17.4 includes new baseline 3D vehicle models including the Archer artillery vehicle, Brobv120 bridge layer, Pb8 van, and Swedish civilian police Volvo XC90.

Also updated in v17.4, the JSBSim (open source flight dynamics model) integration previously done in VBS3 v3.9.1 has been completely refactored to benefit from BISim’s new Gears architecture, increasing its capabilities and performance. When JSBSim is active, the flight dynamics and animations are fully controlled by the third-party library, while the collisions and weapon systems remain fully controlled by VBS3. Thanks to Gears’ modular architecture, programmers can now replace the default version of JSBSim that ships with VBS3 with their own version.

In addition, new AI behaviors have been added to BISim’s VBS Control Behavior Pack 1, which can be used in VBS3 but is available for separate purchase and not available by default. This includes civilian traffic and pedestrian pattern-of-life improvements. The VBS Control civilian traffic is capable of driving according to simple priority rules and works alongside player-driven vehicles and pedestrians. A new “restricted area” feature provided with the VBS Control Behavior Pack 1 allows users to control where civilian AI entities can and cannot move on VBS terrain.

About Bohemia Interactive Simulations

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